Ronika Shah

Group Account Director

Digital Republik

My 4 Frequently Used Apps:

  • Evernote:

“Well prepared, is a battle half won”. My preparation is led by ‘Evernote’ It helps me organize almost all my professional and personal tasks. Since it’s a cross-platform tool, I can access it through any device.

Evernote product features have helped me become more productive, by consolidating my day all in one place.

From my Meeting and Strategy Notes, to tasks and articles. From photographs of Business Cards of people I meet to my Brainstorming Sketch Notes with my team, literally everything goes here.

Evernote is my “Man Friday”!

  • Blinkist:

I am an avid reader. If ever possible, I can read all day. However given my schedule, I usually do not get the time to read full-fledged books. Blinkist helps me get there. In precisely 15 minutes, it summarizes key topics from various Books. I usually spend my commuting time to read and update myself. With Blinkist, I read one book a day, in less than 15 minutes!

Love this App’s precision, detailing and the User Interface. Quite friendly & helpful for crazy readers like me who are always on the go.

  • Facebook’s Page Manager App:

As predictable as it may sound, given my line of work, Facebook is one of my most used Apps! Helming the Social Media Marketing Department, it becomes mandatory for me to keep a check on all that’s happening with the Brands we manage. The FB Page Manager’s App is convenient and hassle free. It summarizes all the notifications, happenings & insights under one roof for me to keep a check. Monitoring and Social Listening to the users also becomes easy with this app.

  • Elevate:

Elevate is my Personal Brain Trainer. When I am not Reading or working, especially while travelling, I play some games on Elevate. It offers a rotating set of three games every day, each one targeted to specific brain functions like memory or math, which improves focus, speaking skills, processing speed, and more.  It acts like a stress buster while exercising my grey matter!

New App I Would Highly Recommend:

First Mothers Club (FMC) App: At a very young age I was exposed to the World of Parenting. Thanks to the innumerable Kids and Parenting Brands I have worked on. During one such stint, I came across this extremely popular Facebook Group called ‘First Mom’s Club (FMC)’. They had some 40k+ genuine and real Mothers talking about their Parenting experiences. Just recently they launched their app and it’s superbly interesting! Without being a parent, I am hooked on to their app due to the content they discuss. While for me it serves as a good market research place, I strongly recommend all the Mothers up there to install it for an honest purpose! Pro Tip – Checkout the ‘Bitch Corner’ on their App.  Yes, All the Mommies can thank me later!

How Do I Evaluate An App Before Downloading It:

Reviews and recommendations do play a very important role for me to download any app. However, given my Industry experience, I get a ‘behind the-scenes’ insight into what really goes into the ‘Good’ reviews we see. Hence my sole judgment is not based on ONLY reviews. I usually go through the bad reviews as well. So my choice of an App download is well evaluated. If I still feel that the APP is not meant for me, I uninstall it. Yet, most often, I try downloading the app and then evaluating it rather than evaluating it first and then downloading. It’s always better to try the product and take a decision as opposed to base a decision on someone else’s opinion.

An App Which Will Be Helpful In Future:

One of the apps I have placed my bets on is definitely an app called, ‘Bull n Bar’. It will be a savior for all the people who like to party and have a good evening. Currently in its testing phase, once launched, this app will change the way to spend our evenings, partying! Keep Watching!


A Bachelor of Mass Media Graduate with a Major in Advertising, Ronika works some of the most cutting edge, strategic campaigns in her role as the Group Account Director at Digital Republik, a full-fledged Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai. Her job involves conceptualizing Online Media Strategy for Global Brands. With a personal bent towards Creative & Design, coupled with Campaign Planning and Forecasting, she has had measurable impact with all the Clients she has engaged with. She can be reached on Twitter at @RonikaShah



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