Another one from Thums-Up , that has little to do with the product being sold, though it doesn’t fails to electrify. This one is a far cry from its action-oriented previous versions,featuring the likes of Salman and Akshay, running desperately almost through every media just to grab a bottle.

They had the occasion and was utilised brilliantly, portraying marketing ethics for being socially responsible to the  nation of a billion people; the occasion being Independence Day.

The ad leaves an impact as storytelling has been the prime focus, wherein we come across the journey of an Indian soldier,travelling from a military base to his home who in between stops by a martyr’s home to inform them about their son’s death while serving the nation.

What else could appeal more to a nation,that too at a time when people are  proudly celebrating independence.

Now, let’s analyse some data to support the relevance. The ad received a million views within three days, which is largely at odds with the Salman ad released an year ago still stuck at 980,000 views.

The soldier stops by a shop in Jaisalmer where he asks for Thums-Up , only to be denied by the old man,who, interestingly, happened to pass the beverage to Salman in the previous version! This gesture keeps the curiosity alive till  the end when he’s seen sharing the beverage with his family.

The ad ends on a breathtaking note after the soldier is called back to duty due to an emergency soon after he reaches home.


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