Ad Review: Swiggy’s Latest Advertisement Delivers Food for Thought #WhatsInAName

Zomato and Swiggy are in a race to be the front-runners in the FoodTech Market‒ a spot Swiggy just might win with their heartwarming new ad that shows how the employees are as valued as customers. (Employees are, after all, the first customers of a brand! And aren’t businesses these days looking to sell exceptional customer experiences?)

Known for their endearing ads, especially their IPL campaign, Swiggy’s recent ad addresses an important notion.

Hello? Swiggy?

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Swiggy’s delivery partners known as “Hunger Saviours” have received odes and accolades on social media for delivering through rain or shine.

And yet, how many times have you picked up a call from these hunger heroes and said “Hello? Swiggy?” To be fair, you’ve probably got “Yes, it’s Swiggy” in response. It’s not that Swiggy doesn’t tell us the name of their delivery partners though, is it? Once your order is placed and a delivery partner is assigned to you, Swiggy tells you the name of the person. “XYZ has arrived at the restaurant to pick up your order.” Why then do we still refer to them as the organization and not the person?

In nearly 120 seconds, Swiggy explains how it feels like to be called Swiggy in a rather creative way. The ad humorously showcases the life of a person named “Swiggy” who is clearly uncomfortable with the name. He avoids responding to the name, or introducing himself until the moment during delivery when the customer refers to him as Swiggy and he politely nods.

The ad goes on to show how the delivery partners do have nicer names than “Swiggy” encouraging customers to call them by their names instead. It does certainly give you some food for thought, doesn’t it? What do you think?


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