7 Apps that will help you be more productive!
7 Apps that will help you be more productive!

There are a gazillion things to do, and even more to remember. If you’re finding it hard to remember all the various meetings, client names, events and all the things you have to do, we’ve got 7 apps that will make work easier for you!


If you have a large team to manage, you know coordinating and getting the word around can sometimes be hard. To ensure that you’re on top of your game use Trello. With Trello, all your team members will be up-to-date and team productivity will increase. You can add comments, attachments, check-lists to your board and save on time.


If you’re a person who has a lot of mails to send and has to constantly follow up on those, FollowUp is the perfect software for you. FollowUp acts as an extension of Gmail that allows you to schedule reminders, follow-up mails, and track the status of your mails. You can also use it to set reminders on online articles that you want to read later. A great tool if you tend to be on the forgetful side.


‘Organize your brain’ with WorkFlowy. Another great option that will help you categorize your to-do lists, both professional and personal. With collapsible and expandable bullet points and hashtags that will help you filter easy, WorkFlowy is an easy-to-use tool that will bring some calm to the chaos.

Rescue Time

If you procrastinate, slack off and/or lose track of time and nothing you do seems to be effective enough then try Rescue Time. If you’re someone who is very particular about the hours they spend working and likes to keep track of what they have done and when, Rescue Time works for that too. It’ll track the sites you open and the time you spend browsing. Categorize the sites you use for work and the ones you spend whiling your time away on and it will ensure to be the warden of your time by only allowing you to use the sites you need for work.


With the rate of technological advancements, business cards may soon be extinct. However, no one can deny how useful they are. CamCard will save all your business card details, and link them to the contact on the phone. You can then exchange electronic business cards which will sync and save to your drive so you don’t have to worry about losing them!


Does music help you concentrate better? Finding the right music, the right mix can be hard sometimes. focus@will uses neuroscience to create music tailored to your personality that ‘puts your brain into a “flow state” making you hyper-focused and exponentially more productive.’ Sounds quite perfect!


‘Looks like a spreadsheet. Acts like a database.’ AirTable allows you to organize all your various activities, meetings, client details, or even a personal to-do list. You can use it to keep track of what needs to be done, prioritize your work and as a daily planner as well. The editorial calendar is a great asset and will allow you to be more effective at work.

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