The world of Fashion is ever evolving! To acquire new customers & retain existing customers is a challenging job for apparel retailers. In order to step up in the contemporary world of online shopping where everything is one click away, Indian retailers need to promote their merchandise in a smarter way.

Amit Kasturia, a Delhi-based apparel retailer has been facing challenges in new customer acquisition and existing customer retention. In case, he wanted to do a promotional sale campaign, he had to find vendors for sending text messages and emails to existing customers. Many a times, his customer data got stolen due to the involvement of vendors.

Similarly Sangeeta, a graduate from NIFT who runs a small boutique, was finding it difficult to study customer preferences and feedback from her customers. “Sales were dipping down and I knew that there were some problems with the products, but I was the not able to pin point the root cause,” says Sangeeta.

Looking at this market opportunity, Zakoopi has developed business solutions for apparel retailers to help them improve footfalls. The solution is helping retailers to not only create and send campaigns easily but also letting them measure the effectiveness of all the campaigns. “Doing campaigns through Zakoopi is as simple as sending a Tweet, and helps me create campaigns without any third party dependence,” says Amit.

The product also helps retailers measure customer feedback and experience. The retailers can use Zakoopi’s Analytics on customer feedback to understand key improvement areas to improve user experience. “Even though I get appreciations on my designs from prospective buyers but they were not buying the outfit. Zakoopi Feedback systems help me know that customers were not satisfied with store ambience and staff service. As soon as I improved both of them, there is a sudden jump in my sales numbers.”

Similarly, Ahmed Saree Retailers (name changed to maintain confidentiality) who does not even have a business email address used Zakoopi solutions to conduct a real big sale during new year’s eve. Designer boutique Ornate in Shahpur Jat has also been benefitted to know about their customers’ preferences in terms of colors or prints by using the feedback system. With the help of this feedback system, they have developed designs; made changes to patterns or embroidery which would suit her customers’ requirements thereby making satisfactory products which helped in raising her sales.

Zakoopi ( is Delhi based apparel discovery platform which connects users to great stores in the city. Users can discover new places to shop based on ratings and reviews from fellow shopaholics in the city. Stores can reach new and existing customers by using intelligent marketing solutions from Zakoopi.


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