...Yet another Kings Story - Marketing Wizard
...Yet another King's Story - Marketing Wizard

Once there was King who loved being the authority (Most Kings did…:) ) and would always be unhappy and never content with what was given to him as a food, clothing and other needs of life. Every time he would feel the need for cribbing and would always find a way to bring out negative in it but utilize the things brought to him to the fullest.

His people would still love to get him whatever he demanded and go faraway places to satisfy the demands. His demands would keep rising but that wouldn’t stop them from meeting his demand. The days went by and the demands where hurting the people and many of the people lost their livelihood.

There was a meeting held by all ministers with the people and they had the list of complaints against these demands and wanted the minsters to convey the message that this cannot go on. It needs to stop somewhere.

The minsters were not able to come to a conclusion so they sent across a message in the Kingdom that whoever is able to bring a solution to stop the king’s demand they would be awarded 1000 Gold coins. As soon the message reached far and across people from all over the kingdom came with all different solutions.

Some said …

  • Let us cut down King’s demand and we will not supply.
  • Let us give him bad food, bad clothing & bad utilities any ways he is going to complain.
  • Let us increase our price since at some point he would stop paying for those things and may be reduce his intake.

But ministers knew any of the above suggestions will not help us in any possible way. But then a young boy who was playing nearby heard all these discussion asked a question to the Minister. Sir I have few questions if you can answer me may be we will get a solution. So one of the minster said we have tried everything why not go ahead and ask us the question.

Boy’s question…

  • What does your King think of the neighboring King?
  • Who conveys message about new food and clothing to your king?
  • Does anyone give him suggestions of the different food and clothing?
  • Does your King believe in anyone?
  • Does he check from whom he has brought and whether they could provide him additional deserts?

So Minister’s answer…

  • He believes he should have the best.
  • No one. He buys what he wants.
  • No suggestions.
  • No
  • Quality of the product he is consuming.

So the boy suggested these things to be implemented….

Since he is the King let him take the back seat and let us decide what we need to give to him other than what he wants for himself. Since the King is always sitting in the Palace he is not aware what is available and what he wants.

  • Make the king aware about his neighbor and what is going around in the other kingdom. Let him know the Trends that are prevailing in the market. Since he is not aware of the Trends he always cribs about everything. Once he is aware that his neighboring King is using a similar product he would not complain. (‘Trends’)
  • The king always decides for himself so he doesn’t get the right message about things going around the market and the other Kingdom. So let us have one person convey the message either personally, through a letter or may be have a Pigeon deliver the message to him. End of the day communication has to reach the King then he would be more curious to buy what we want him to sell not what he wants to buy. (‘’Communication Method – Digital / Tv /Other Media‘’). Since these messages have reached him someone needs to guide and be an adviser so can we have regular entertainment dancers, Jokers or musicians of the kingdom deliver these suggestions in there act? Let these dancers, jokers and musicians enact to show the things which is popular in the market and let him be aware of the other Kings using these things. Why not stories of other popular Kings reach him through these Actors? (“Marketing Team – Promotion, ads, EDM”)
  • The Kingdom is evolving and he has some trusted adviser from whom he does take advice and believes them a lot. So why not have those people speak to him about it. Does he have any relatives in an around the Kingdom who can convey this message. So ministers said yes he has some relatives who come once in a while and they have social gatherings. (“Social Media – Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest, News Channels”)
  • Have the chef & tailor meet him once in a while to check on the food and the clothing. He would feel happy and I am sure he could give you regular feedback so that the product will be improved. (“Customer Service & Feedback Mechanism”)

Now My Minister please tell me is he still the King or you are making him believe he is the King ?

So what is the Moral of the above age old story…

“Customer is never a king we usually end up making them the King and bow down to their demands”. We are an organization and our Marketing Team should be the King who could present to the Customer what you want to sell not what he wants to buy. Customer most of the time is not aware of what he wants hence goes on demanding and we succumb to his demands. Marketing is the King and get your acts in place to reach your “Customer the right message”.

If we look at the way business has progressed with Technology customer has not become smart we have made the customer think that he has become smart. Marketing Genius has conveyed the message what they want to Customer to hear. Do you think “Net Neutrality” is something Customer is aware of or whether it is going to reduce the way consumers are going to spend? The answer is ‘No’. Just like many other things in life “Net Neutrality” is a brain child of some “Marketing Genius” who has reached to customer in a smart way in making him hear what he wants.

So what did the Genius actually do….

  • Created a Buzz…
  • Used Social Media to trigger a cause and affect…
  • Used Print & TV News media to convey how the Consumer is going to be affected…
  • Bring doubt among the consumer…

Mark my word within 6 months people are not even going to remember what this “Net Neutrality” and people are going to use all the products given to us by these Telecom Companies and we are going to continue paying differential payouts to various services we are using. BTW we are already paying differential just take some time and check your Mobile Bills… You might be in for a surprise… 🙂

Remember Customer is never a King… Customer is made to realize he is the King….

God Bless the King…and God Bless the Marketing Wizard… 🙂

Published with permission from Mahesh Iyer.

Image courtesy of [vectorolie] at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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