People nowadays not only own smart-devices and tech savvy stuff but they have turned smarter too. With the increasing hype of the freelancing era, people have become more aware and effortful. Blogs that boast of content writers, full time authors and people who are really fueled with the desire of running a freelance firm are all over the net. Discussion and community forums, Facebook groups, blog audiences are already brimming with contemporary and state-of-the-art writings or ideas.

Amidst this chaos, why would anyone even consider the audience to read their work just because they wrote it with all their zeal and effort! Your work should be credible enough for the crowd to look over their shoulders into it and make it to the end. Period. There isn’t a timeworn and unsaid secret to achieve this .A hack or two would do it !

So, Let’s get started folks!


Well, a lot more than you can imagine.

For a couple of minutes, imagine you are a publisher (a well-known one, of course).You’re home after a fatiguing series of errands and projects. Hitting a button on your laptop, you sip your warm coffee as the laptop screen comes to life. Emails and queries appear in chunks and your eyes switch over the screen in maddening circles. You glance the subjects and peep accordingly, shoving the untitled and boring ones to dumps. Same is the fate for posts and entries. Melancholic yet true! Make the entry full of awe and the rest will fall in place.

  • Rhetorical, obviously. Evoke curiosity. Allow the reader to ponder upon what might come up. For example, don’t put up the title as ‘The way to earn six figures from scratch. Instead you can write ‘How I started earning six figures from scratch!’. The former sounds lame and laid-back while the latter arouses the thinking process which is extremely crucial as the starter.
  • Play it short, but not into a tiny liner. Lesser the prepositions, stronger the aftermath.
  • Use power packed words.  Fascinating. Guaranteed. Launching. Opportunities. Authentic. And it goes on.
  • You may begin with ‘The Ultimate Guide/List. . .’ . Do not underestimate the power to tempt of the word ‘Ultimate’.
  • Write down as many titles you can think off. It improves in the course of time and then settle for one.


This is not as difficult as it may appear but it may prove challenging. Now that you’re done with the headline, you need to offer the content and to that versatility as you state in the title. Startups that are not engaging may put off readers. To keep them hooked on, you need to create an aura that is like home(theirs of course).To put in simpler words, you need to convince them that the write up is beneficial and supportive to them and not the other way around.

If you want people to care about your work, you need to care about them first. As simple as that. Writers don’t often think about this and sway away in their own thoughts. This needs to be taken care of, especially if you are writing for others.

  • Ask questions. It not only keeps them thinking and analyzing but also provides your material to write ahead.
  • If you think about this from the readers’ perspective, you will notice that when you provide the answers to these questions, the readers are convinced that you are attending them, caring about their queries, which were actually made up by you!
  • Awake the kid inside them. A busy business person wont necessarily attend you but a curious kid would definitely read till he is satisfied.
  • Don’t sound abrupt. Don’t switch topics too fast. Maintain clarity.
  • Write mostly in active voice. It imbibes you as a part of the scenario and the reader doesn’t feel left out. In a business letter, the sentence ‘ We had to call off the meeting with you due to some complications.’ sounds generous than the sentence ‘Due to some complications, the meeting with you had to be called off by us.’, which creates a tone of arrogance.


Making high end statements in the air would get subdued like smoke as soon as they appear. Their thought system should be able to process what you are telling. If the write up is a travel description, use photographs and videos from the destination. If it is a news report or a business letter, attach newspaper clippings, verified statistics or to assure their originality, you may attach the links from the concerned websites. Stating false or bogus facts may impersonate you as unprofessional or unlikable. Images empower our thinking process in ways we never knew existed. They spell bind people. Force them to look beyond what else could lie behind the black and white.

  • Guesswork may prove fatal. Proofs and reports may make you appear as a trustworthy and responsible person which in turn would lead them more into the topic.
  • Don’t wander around. Stick to the point. Avoid complex statements that are hard to understand.
  • When you’re providing data, as much as possible, use the words ‘As per the statistics’ or ‘The poll graph says’ and other business-like terms to indicate authenticity.
  • Don’t pull it all into a long, disturbing speech. Make fragments, meaningful ones. Use headers, underline the keywords.


Writers usually shrug off their work saying ‘Its a writer’s thing’ .But when you right for an audience, it’s a new story altogether. Same idea, same body, just spun in a way the readers like it. It is a reader’s thing then. Writing stuff that you adore wont get you anywhere. You need to write what the readers love and crave for. And it largely depends on the type of audiences you write for. To influence them ,you need to know what really influences them in the first place.

The social platform aids you here. Twitter, Facebook and the news give you the latest on goings and hot emerging trends. Get to know what people want to know about. Curb their needs. Contact them and know their interests. It will interest you that there are many out there who need your advice and help.

  • Google the term you want to write about. Get a rough idea about what the web has for it. Now write something that you think may not be put up there until now.
  • Check out community and discussion forums and analyze what people are talking about. Read their queries and answer the same in your posts.
  • Provide links to related content as the end of your write up to maintain your audience intact.
  • Make them to entrust themselves to you, that you are a person like them indeed, yet unique.


Sometimes, you read a book and it fills you with this weird evangelical zeal, and you become convinced that the shattered world will never be put back together unless and until all living humans read the book. –John Green


This should be their state of mind! And last but not the least, be original. That is what really makes you stand out. Luck , writers. 🙂

Published with permission.

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