Wrangler’s True Wanderer, started in 2012, has evolved into a community of like-minded enthusiasts who share a common love for adventure and exploration. It continues to be an increasingly popular annual event for travelers across the country to celebrate their love for the open road.

True Wanderer Season 6.0, organized by Wrangler in 2017, was presented in a brand-new avatar – bigger, better and bolder than ever before. Thousands applied to be a part of the journey and 25 True Wanderer finalists were selected to go on the trip of a lifetime who were flagged off from Wrangler stores across 13 cities. The finalist could choose to travel by car, bike, foot or any mode of transportation of their choice, completing travel-related challenges set by Wrangler. The 25 finalists were styled in Wrangler’s range of apparel.

The 25 finalists took wandering to a whole new level as they showcased the passions that drive their wanderlust. They captured the highlights of their epic road trips and shared it with the True Wanderer community with interesting and inspiring stories, photographs and videos. Their experiences can be found at https://wrangler-ap.com/in/

Based on votes and the scores of an elite judging panel, Wrangler announces the winners of True Wanderer 2017:

The first prize is a trip to Australia and the winner is Rahul Gupta from Jammu.

The winner of the second prize – a trip to Bali – is Dheeraj Solanki from Agra

The third prize – a trip to Sikkim – has been won by Rajat Patranabish from Delhi

Rohini Haldea, Marketing Head, Wrangler India, says “We are delighted to announce that Rahul Gupta, Dhreeraj Solanki & Rajat Patranabish as the winners of True Wanderer 2017 and to present them with the trips to Australia, Bali & Sikkim respectively. The True Wanderer contest epitomizes the spirit of freedom and adventure that Wrangler stands for. It has been an exciting journey for the brand to ride along with those who share its passion for the open road.”

To know more, log on to https://wrangler-ap.com/in/


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