Come December and we associate it with Christmas and New Year. Surrounded by the winter chill and

decorations, which adorn shops and streets, Christmas for a lot of us is associated with gifting, shopping

and good food. That is what festivals are always about, the time spent with family and sharing.

Amidst the joy of gifting is the thought and anxiety of looking for that perfect gift. It can be hard

deciding what gift to purchase for family and friends and no one wants to give a gift that isn’t well

received. Choosing to give a Visa Gift Card is a great way to avoid these situations as it allows the

recipient to select their own gift up to the value of the funds loaded on the card, wherever Visa is

accepted in India. A considerable number of people are now choosing the Visa Gift Card, as they

consider it to be the perfect gifting option. Most Visa Gift cards are activated automatically upon

purchase and can be used immediately, while some others have to be activated by the recipient before

using them.

Think of all those times when you have been unsure of what to gift your dear ones and struggle to find

the right gift. With a Visa Gift Card, you give them the choice of shopping anywhere they want. It is a

convenient and easy solution for gifting, and also allows a group of people (friends, colleagues) to pool

in cash together and gift a higher value card to the concerned person. The beneficiary enjoys the

flexibility of using it to buy whatever they want, whenever they want- be it shopping (online or offline),

dining or partying.

Adding to the convenience and comfort of shopping is the ease of online shopping. The virtual

marketplace offers you a plethora of options, ranging across options of travel and stay, clothes,

jewellery, gadgets, fragrances, books, souvenirs, customized cakes and a lot more that you can ever

imagine. With most e-commerce companies offering attractive discount offers or sale during the festive

season, you end up being a winner on all occasions. Online shopping has transformed the way we way

shop and from where we shop as well- giving us the convenience to shop from anywhere and anytime,

with a wider choice and access. It doesn’t matter if we stay closer to a metro or a town. As long as you

have an internet connection or further still a smart phone you can shop online and reach out to all the

big shops and brands. You can get personalized goods and catch up with the latest trends and match the

top designs.

Not only that but online shopping has also erased geographical barriers and gives the shopper access to

international shopping sites allowing you to buy from across the globe with a click of a button and from

the convenience of your home with no additional charges.

If the selection of a gift online is easy, then paying for it is even simpler. With a Visa card makes it

extremely convenient and secure for you to pay online. There is no over spending or surprises at the end

of the month. By using a debit card, you also receive added benefits, rewards and offers, thereby making

it an attractive payment mode- clubbed with the additional online bargains.

So, this Christmas why not save some extra time and spend it with your loved ones, by making smart

decisions about gift hunting and shopping. Online shopping and Visa Gift Cards offer consolidated

benefits of cost, efficiency, comfort and variety supported by reliability and better chances of delighting

someone with your choice of presents.


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