Marketers need to be agile to stay in the game in these unusual times, innovate to get ahead and at the same time be empathetic to the consumer needs in these unpredictable times. Are we prepared?

Prioritising innovation in a radically altered landscape has emerged as amongst the top priorities for marketers in a recently concluded State of Marketing report by Salesforce.

Customer engagement and experience are seeing an unprecedented shift in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Marketers need to shift gears once again to be at the forefront of innovation in order to provide the customer with differentiated services using technology.

Building trust and loyalty for a brand has become a key focus area. Marketers are increasingly leveraging Artificial Intelligence to address each customer’s unique needs and expectations.

Given the current scenario, marketers now have a unique opportunity to turn trusted customer relationships into business value. By leveraging past and available data, marketers can analyse the customer’s journey and address needs in a way which is most likely to retain and grow the customer base for the organisation.

Another priority will be converting customer relationships into business value. Using past and available data to analyse the customer’s journey and to address needs and wants is most likely to retain and grow the customer for the organisation.


The State of Marketing Report for 2020 by Salesforce aggregates the top marketing priorities for the year using insights from 7000 senior marketers from across the globe. It provides a concise overview of strategic priorities, challenges and technologies that will help push businesses back into growth mode.

For more insights on the top trends in marketing for 2020 do download a copy of the State of Marketing Report 2020 by Salesforce now.


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