Top 3 Learnings from a Failed Video Marketing Campaign

Video consumption is on the rise and is one of the essential parts of the content marketing strategy. So after creating one such marketing video which failed, here are my top 3 learning.

1. Know Your Audience (KYC)

KYC is the basic requirement any marketing campaign and I had the target audience defined for this video as well. But it seemed the understanding was limited to geographic and demographic attributes only while missing the behavioral and psychographic characteristics. Because of this, the words used in the video script did not resonate with the audience and thus failed to capture their attention.

2. Lack of Humour early in the video

It is evident that we have max 2 to 3 seconds to capture the viewers’ attention. While the video started with an element of surprise which did not resonate, the humour element was not within the first 20 seconds of the video. Avoiding unnecessary layers of build-up and having humour in 1st few seconds would have changed the outcome of the video.

3. Lack of video storyboard

A detailed video storyboard or a rough version of the video shot using a mobile phone, in-house characters, and the actual script would have helped avoid the production costs. It would have given an idea of what the real footage was going to look like and would have provided an option to take corrective steps.

Looking to implement the same for video marketing campaigns in 2019. In the meanwhile, found this interesting article, Viral Video is Not a Happy Accident! Actionable Pointers by Aashish Chopra.

Any other suggestions or learning you have from your experience of creating a successful video, do share in the comments below.


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