Tata Tea Jaago Re Campaign Poster

Tea is the nectar of Gods, handed down to humanity to ward off sleep. Most Indians don’t wake up with coffee, but with the fragrantly sweet tea. Tata Tea, in a stroke of genius made this the tagline for their product. Over the years the brand took the helm to not only wake you up in the mornings, but also to wake up the sleeping conscience of the Indian Public. The company has launched bold and creative advertisements on social issues like rash driving, importance of voting, even mocking the public on its hypocrisy and apathy towards the pain of others. With #JaagoRe the brand has rooted itself as the voice of the voiceless; its latest ad is a mirror to the parents who are failing their children by stifling their dreams and forcing them into the rat race.

The ad shows a number of young sports persons who have been forced to give up their dreams of being ace athletes to study for the hallowed BOARDS examinations. The emotionless facades and questioning gaze of these children leave one rattled. Maybe some of us identify with these children; the advertisement urges parents to cherish the talent their children were born with. It is high time that parents in India stopped sacrificing their children’s passions at the altar of higher studies in the hope of good grades, better colleges and a 9 to 5 job. Some children are gifted and made for so much more. The advertisement has this moment of hope in its very last second, when the gymnast twirls her hand in the air. Who says that a good sportsperson cannot be a good student?

The advertisement is an eye opener, what remains to be seen is how many parents wake to recognize the talent of their children. Till they wake, lets sip our cup of tea; enjoy this advertisement and #JaagoRe.


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