After establishing itself successfully as automation and IoT solution provider of choice by various real-estate players and consumers in residential space, Silvan Innovation Labs (Silvan) has entered enterprise space by fine-tuning its IoT products and solution to the needs to a variety of enterprises. The initial focus is to cater to Office Spaces, Banks & ATMS, Hospitality and Retail.

“At basic level, the needs of every space, be it a home or office space, ATM, Hotel Room or Retail Outlet, are the same- Security, Comfort, Energy Management and Efficient Maintenance. However, based on the specific space, the priority of different needs, the user interface, scalability needs and price-performance points changes. Our scalable platform allows us to tweak our solutions to the needs of different spaces very easily”, said Avinash K Gautam, CEO of Silvan.

All of Silvan’s products are designed and made in India, with deep understanding of requirements of market here.

In office space, Silvan offers Conference Room Automation and Office Lighting Management Solution. Its Conference Room Automation solution is designed with the objective of hassle-free usage of conference rooms, avoid unnecessary energy wastage in-case if it’s not used, and enable effective management of its bookings etc. Using true IoT and App-less strategy, the usage is kept simple enough that visitors to the conference room don’t have to fumble with complexities of using an unknown app for that room usage. Its Office Lighting Management Solution is designed for easy, effective and energy efficient usage of office lighting, and made with an eye on cost effectiveness, scalability, reliability and avoiding single point of failure.

For Banks and ATMs, Silvan has developed unified Security and Energy Management solution which protects various ATMs spread across geographies against ATM thefts, and ensuring optimal usage of lights and AC in the ATM using a variety of rules to cut down energy bills by at-least 20%. Additionally, it also helps in house-keeping by continuously monitoring the status of UPS battery and alerting a centralized facility team in-case battery level in any ATM goes below a certain level.

In Hospitality space, Silvan’s Voice assisted solution has become an answer to long pending pain-point for hotels struggling with app based automation solution because their guests seldom use the app. Silvan enhances the guest experience by offering simple but effective solutions which allow the guests to comfortably control all the appliances in the room, and it also handles their entertainment needs very effectively. For example, one of the common problems guests have in hotel rooms is not knowing channel numbers of their favourite TV shows. With Silvan’s system, guests just have to say, “Alexa take me to CNBC” and this voice command will switch on the TV and take to CNBC channel.

In retail space, in addition to offering its energy management and security solutions, Silvan offers Audio/Video distribution from a centralized location to all the retail outlets of a retail chain. This enables the retail chain to create uniformity of customer experience, and to use its infrastructure for effective dissemination of information.

“We understand that enterprise space has a lot of established players. Our strategy here is to provide a very different value proposition to our customers, and not just provide incremental improvements over what they have seen so far,” said Avinash.

These enterprise solutions from Silvan are already seeing strong market pull and adoption. Silvan is working with partners all over India to roll them out in market.




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