To My Fellow Brothers,

I’ve seen her win; I’ve seen her lose. I’ve hit her black and blue when she refused to share her chocolates with me, and she hit me back really hard when we played WWE. She never let me be the teacher while playing teacher-teacher and that still hurts sometimes. I still can’t forget the way she fought with guys double her size only coz I couldn’t open my mouth- and trust me she still does it for me. From bike racing games to playing cricket was always fun with her. She lost at the games many times, bruised herself just like me, but never gave up.

And that’s why #SheIsMYBhai

This Rakshabandhan, I urge every bhai out there to tie a Rakhi on his sister’s wrist as a tribute to her strength and power which goes unnoticed. An ode to her confidence because she doesn’t need you to protect her.

To acknowledge the superwoman in her, who can change a car tyre and is a crack programmer. Let her know how she forms the backbone of your life, and how you need her as much as she needs you!

So, post a cute, fun, posey picture with your sister with a Rakhi tied around the wrists of both your sister and you and show her you truly love her.

P.S. Tag and use the hashtag #SheIsMyBhai to join the campaign.


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