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A lot can happen over a network. And, a lot more can happen over a network that has been six sigma certified. The Dabbawalas, the ones who travel many kilometres to deliver your tiffin box on time, come rain or sun by making it through bicycles and the local train, with only one mistake in every 6 million deliveries, are onto a very clever and kind initiative – Share My Dabba.

Share My Dabba seeks to make use of the left over food in your tiffins by giving them to the thousands of hungry street children, using the dabbawala network. The initiative is a non-profit collaboration between Happy Life Welfare Society and The Dabbawala Foundation.

All you have to do is mark your dabba with a ‘share’ sticker if there is food left in it. The dabbawalas would separate the ones marked with the sticker and leave it with volunteers while on their way back. The food is then shared with the hungry kids via the volunteers. You can watch the video here to see how the initiative works.

‘Share My Dabba’ has a brand new Facebook page complete with a beautiful cover photo, a timeline with information about the initiative and boasts of more than 3K fans. As to how many of these fans actually make use of the Dabbawala services is not known, but the initiative needs to be spread across your networks. So that a lot of food is utilised in the right way.

This innovative ‘Share’ sticker can make a huge difference to a hungry child besides adding some positive branding to this 125-year old organisation that delivers nearly 200,000 dabbas every day in Mumbai through a network of 5000 dabbawalas armed on bicycles.

Published with permission from LightHouse Insights


  1. Just like the dabbawala, this initiative is also uniquely indian! Nayi soch surely!

    Lets hope every dabbawala customer ‘share’ not just on social media but also in practice on daily basis!


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