Paul Writer launches SAP Think Tank ,
Video interview series with Head of Sales highlighting best practices

Hemant Taware
Chief of Operations
Infiniti Retail Limited, Croma

How can sales process be orchestrated for today’s mobile savvy customers…

The biggest fact of life is that one has to be consistent and thats the experience we have had in our store. The experience in store A and store B might not necessarily the same and therefore you lack consistency. So the first and starting point is that you got to be consistent in the way that you engage with the customers. In a store like our’s customers come because there is an opportunity to experience the product. Touch, feel and try is a very critical aspect of the whole decision/buying process in our stores. Going back to the good old days of selling, there is nothing better than being able to demonstrate the product to the customers. When you see it you believe it more than when you hear it from somebody. The ability to identify the customer’s latent and potent needs is really the key in any sales process. What we have done in our business in the last few months is that we have tried to put around a sales process which is going to bring in a lot of consistency in the way our sales people approach customers. As I said earlier, customers come into our stores with a heightened state of excitement. It’s very important for us to allow that excitement to stay on for a long long time when they are browsing the products in the store. whether it’s to do with the in-store merchandising, whether its to do with the way the products are displayed, the way we allow the customers to touch and feel and try the products in the store is what actually makes the sales process more effective and thats a very critical part of our sales process.

“So the first and starting point is that you got to be consistent in the way that you engage with the customers.”


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