16, 2013, Mumbai: RoshanSpace Brandcom, the specialist in Out-Of-Home (OOH) Communications & Advertising solutions has recently unveiled phase II of its unique ‘Billboard Talking’ campaign across Mumbai. The second phase, like the first one, is aimed at positioning billboards as an interactive and dynamic medium of communication with each of them having the ability to initiate a conversation and convey a message in a unique way to the consumer.

While Phase I of the campaign aimed to capture the attention of the people of Mumbai and change their perception of billboards, Phase II takes the conversation with the people of the city to the next level. The messages have also been placed at certain strategic locations, which help people in relating to them, thus making them relevant and effective. For example, the billboard near Jaslok Hospital tells motorists, “Absolutely, positively, no honking here!” and the two billboards near the Worli Sea Link ask people to “Think.” and “Do”.

The messages revolve around themes like –

Societal Issues
The focus this time is not only on initiating a conversation, but also on making thoughtful observations related to society. Messages like ‘Do not drink and drive’ is especially relevant during the party season in December and ‘Throwing stuff out of the car doesn’t make it clean?’ all have an undertone of common social concerns. Some of the messages are an attempt to reach out to the youth in order to raise awareness on important issues.

Power of Billboard Advertising
Billboard advertising is one of the oldest forms of mass communication, and yet it is far from becoming obsolete. Messages like ‘Sorry TV! People look at me for 1295955 seconds more’ and ‘Sorry Print! I win by 743200 square cm’ draw attention to the strengths of outdoor advertising over other mediums of communication. Roshan Space has also put its tagline ‘Ideas Magnified’ on some of the billboards to actually convey that that is exactly what billboard do.

With Phase II of the Billboard Talking campaign, RoshanSpace is taking engagement with its audience to the next level by inviting ideas and welcoming public opinion on what the next billboard should say. One can see billboards stating ‘Ideas Welcome!’ that imply that people can post their suggestions on RoshanSpace’s Facebook page and the idea with the maximum votes will go up on a billboard in Mumbai as a part of the campaign.

“With the second phase of the Billboard Talking campaign, we want to highlight the evolution of billboards from a simple medium of advertising to being an integral part of society. The billboard has always been perceived as a silent observer but is now changing this perception by connecting directly with its audience and igniting their minds through its topical and humorous messages at key touch points.” said Junaid Kader Shaikh, Managing Director – RoshanSpace.

The billboards can be seen in the areas of Worli, Mahim, Prabhadevi, Peddar Road, Juhu, King’s Circle, Dadar Tilak Bridge, Cadell Road and Haji Ali among others.


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