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Meena Ganesh
Co-Founder, MD & CEO
Portea Medical 

On Multi- Channel Customer Engagement Strategy

We have customers in number of different categories and the behavior of customers across these target groups is bit different. Lot of our younger generation customers are very comfortable with the digital media so reaching out to them through the Facebook and other social media as well through search engine marketing helps us get lot of our customers to come in through the door though those channels. Post hospitalization customers are better target by speaking to them face to face. If you look at elderly and chronically sick they may be better influenced by television which we recently did a TV commercial through above the line marketing methods or through below the line local community engagement kind of activities.

So deepening on the TG (Target Group) our approach to reaching out, (first time) that is for customer acquisition through multiple sources in the family ranging from young mothers, their babies, to the middle aged people who will probably need lot of preventative care, may be lifestyle issue to a slightly senior people who are likely to  have requirement for chronic or post-operative. By creating a very comprehensive solution portfolio we are able to go back to their family as a unit and offer them services at different point in time.

“People need to feel confident that when they come to Portea they will get right kind of service. So we have spent lot of effort A) in building that capability and B) in communicating that to customers and this is a great place and you will be taken good care of.”

Technology enables customer acquisition and retention

Multiple modes: We have app for our customers and lot of them have started to use that as way to communicate with us. Even for first time acquisition as well as ongoing, staying in touch, reminding them of what they need to do, any follow ups that they have to do etc; tends to happen through app. We also do other slightly low-tech campaigns like sms, email etc., that works with some of the target groups. Some of the other target groups we actually go into people’s home, talk to them, make sure they are aware of their needs.

We are aware of their needs and they know what we can offer them. Again it is combination of multiple sources and this needs to be done at various points of time in the journey. And towards that we are creating loyalty program called Portea Cherish, which is meant to help people track what they are doing in their health over a long period of time, keep them engaged with us and make sure they are coming back to us as and when they need our services.

People are the key to our business…

First and primary touch point is service provider, our employees, healthcare professionals who go into people’s home to actually provide service. They are very-very key part of the entire experience that our customers have with us. So making sure that this particular population of people are highly trained, not just in the service they are supposed to provide but also in knowing about everything else that we offer as a company approach to things, the value proposition, the values as a company we have, they need to be able to embody that in their conversations and in their interactions with the customers. For us that’s a very-very important piece of how customers perceive us. Lot of effort goes into building that whole customer experience at the point of delivery of service.

Capturing right data at the right point is important

In addition these clinician or healthcare professionals they have their own technology platform, an app on their smart phones through which they capture date that is relevant for us to provide the service, make sure we provide really good quality service at that time but also allows us to know what might be the other need of the customer as the journey progresses. Knowing little more about their family, knowing little better about their disease or problem situation helps us not just manage current situation but also helps us understand future needs might be.

Capturing the right data at the point of actual interaction that happens. Then that becomes the platform through which we find suitable occasions to engage with the customer. A few of these are through our customer satisfaction calls that we would make to see is the customer happy with the service that gives you one more opportunity to understand the customer and perhaps also build that engagement yet again. We capture the net promoter score and Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) for thee customers. The second thing is our subject matter experts – doctors and senior physiotherapist call back the customers to find out what the recovery process has been. We have provided the service how are they feeling now, are they feeling any better, is it recovering the way it was anticipated, do they see any challenges from medical perspective in the way the service has been delivered, was there something more we need to do becomes a very important point of interaction with the customer. This we can’t do with all the 100% of customers so we know which are the customers which are likely to have slightly more complicated issue or more chronic issues, who need that reassurance form us and also need that engagement with us.

Content for education and engagement

Creating a lot of content which is very topical as well so that customers understand what they need to do under various disease situations. A)To prevent B) to address it. Our Facebook is ofcourse is a very key channel for us. We have nearly 7000 people who have liked the Facebook page and we have fairly active conversation that are going on our Facebook page as well.

Our blogs are starting to become more prominent and we are adding lot more into our content so that we see conversations happening with customers over elongated period of time.

Chat option on Portea’s app helps in building confidence

People need to feel confident that when they come to Portea they will get right kind of service. So we have spent lot of effort A) in building that capability and B) in communicating that to customers and this is a great place and you will be taken good care of. Any medical condition that customer go through, they like to read up about it, they want to discuss with people, have a platform where they can address their concern and that led to the genesis of Portea Chat. The app provides the chat opportunity for customers. They can come and chat with our doctors at any point in time. There is lot of literature that we create; we are building a lot more on that front around medical issues but brought down to the level of what people understand and what people can relate to.


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