Physio-Be-Fit Bangalore’s award winning Physiotherapy Center presents its fleet of fully equipped mobile clinics and portable equipment to the residents of Bangalore. 

“We choose to stay in touch with our patients, we know them by name and provide personalized care. A son can entrust the care of his ailing parent to us and be at peace. We keep a sharp eye on quality and our therapists have an impeccable record,” says Dr. Sitaraman Sunderesan, Co-founder and Chief Physiotherapist of Physio-Be-Fit.

Physio-Be-Fit’s home care service reinforces its commitment to providing best-in-class physio care to the elderly and the differently abled. There are many cases where there has been a knee or hip replacement surgery or a person has a spine, neck or knee injury; these individuals can benefit from Physiotherapy at home.

It is understandable that people have busy schedules and may not always be able to drop everything and rush home when they find out that a family member with an injury has to be taken to the hospital or clinic. The elderly or differently abled people may be uncomfortable being transported while in discomfort or in pain. One can rest easy with the knowledge that Physio-Be-Fit has trained professionals and a mobile clinic fully equipped to handle various kinds of injuries.

In an effort to bring the level of care and treatment received in the clinic at the comfort of your home Physio-Be-Fit Home Care brings common physio treatments to the homes of those who experience restricted mobility.

Physio-Be-Fit’s Home care is currently available in Bangalore.


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