Do you talk to people on planes?

I do. Sometimes.

I’ve had people spill their most personal family dilemmas to me on long flights.

I’ve even received a job offer on a Delhi – Goa work trip. In case you’re curious, no I didn’t accept.

I write this because I find curiosity to be an irreplaceable tool.

Especially if you’re trying to sell something.

Yourself for instance.

I interviewed a young girl recently. She happened to have worked on some of the brands I had handled as a young brand manager.

It could have been a great way for her to break the ice.

I waited.

In vain.

She had no curiosity in knowing who the person across the desk was.

I didn’t let on either.

Think about it the next time you plan to pitch something. Anything.

Be curious enough to understand what they need first.

What makes them tick?

What do they dislike?

What can get you a foot in the door?

Curiosity gets the cat the cream.

(Don’t let the cat that got killed fool you. She had nine lives and is doing very well, thank you.)

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