With over 13 million impressions, 28000 hashtags, 800 plus entries from across the country and an overall engagement rate of 3.1% (industry standard being 2% for FMCG), MAGGI HotHeads drove the Twitterverse into frenzy from September 4-6.

MAGGI HotHeads – the spicy new variant launched last year, consists of 4 exciting, unique flavours – Green Chilli, Chilli Chicken, Peri Peri and BBQ Black Pepper. Targeted to youth who are a ‘bit eccentric’, willing to take risks, having a positive and playful attitude towards life.

The 3-day Twitter campaign capitalised on the millennial insight of wanting to break free from the usual stereotypes and trends – Untrend, which is also the core brand philosophy. Twitter was the platform of choice, given its emphasis on ‘trends’.

The campaign launch video #UntrendLikeHotHeads beautifully articulated this thought. It urged consumers to break free from popular trends and display their original, unique selves. The most unique thing about the campaign was the LIVE engagement in the form of fresh, edgy personalised video content in response to submissions by people and trending topics.

The Live Studio set up for the duration of the campaign had round-the- clock writing & production teams, shooting floors, actors, props and costumes. Short form videos, gifs, and statics were conceived of and produced in response to trending topics and big events. People’s comments and contest entries were responded to by personalised videos.

Right from big events like Teacher’s Day, Onam, India & SriLanka cricket matches, the India vs Macau football match, the US Open etc. to Twitter trends like #MondayMotivation, #TuesdayThoughts and #WednesdayWisdom, the MAGGI HotHeads made every moment unique and entertaining for people.

For the campaign, the live Nestle Content Studio with HyperCollective joined forces with Zenith India, Netsle’s media agency. KV Sridhar ‘Pops’, Chief Creative Officer of HyperCollective says, “The world today is more Live and Responsive than ever before. People share their life moments as it happens and world leaders react to events directly with a tweet. Brands should also be livewire to engage and excite. For Maggi HotHeads, we setup a live studio with writers, actors, props, costumes etc. and produced on- demand content that responded to people as well as to trending topics. People loved the campaign because every piece of content came as a surprise and they were looking forward to what would come next.”

One-of- its-kind initiative in India, the Nestle Content Studio with HyperCollective that was set-up in November last year, has been creating innovative pieces of content, real-time.

You can check out some of the content pieces here –
Maggi Hotheads:- https://twitter.com/MaggiIndia/status/905010530212954113
#Dhoni100:- https://twitter.com/MaggiIndia/status/904678784502120449
Tennis:- https://twitter.com/MaggiIndia/status/904700777247121408
#TeachersDay:- https://twitter.com/MaggiIndia/status/904970105708097536

Maggi Hotheads Personalised Responses: –

Results of the campaign are as below: –
Trend impression: 13.59 MN
Tweet impression: 4.2 Mn
Engagement rate: 3.1% (Industry average for FMCG is 2%)
Mention of hashtag: 28K Entries: – 800


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