Marketing Maverick: Joshua Nathan, Head of Marketing at iSwitch Energy #APACLeaders

This week, Paul Writer interviewed Joshua Nathan, Head of Marketing at iSwitch Energy, Singapore to get his insights on how to deal with the changing digital economy, and innovative disruption.

With innovative disruption changing the digital economy, customer expectations are on the rise. How have you changed your digital marketing strategies to deal with rising customer expectations?

While conventional digital methods such as search marketing and banner targeting still work to reach customers, there has been a massive shift on our side towards social marketing, especially on platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Today digital marketing is more about building a brand and a loyal audience that will spread the word over time rather than direct conversions with only short-term goals.

Take Facebook for example, it is a great platform and is integral to our digital strategy for a few reasons. The first is creating engaging social advertisements that doesn’t just showcase our offer, but also our brand personality as well. The second is the ability to be part of our fan’s lives and give tidbits of value throughout the day, from motivational pieces to interesting articles that can make their lives better.

How much impact does your social media strategy, and mobile app marketing have on your ROI? What are the online platforms that work well for your organization?

Social media is integral to our strategy. As mentioned before, we use LinkedIn and Facebook as our social platforms but have a different strategy for each of them. LinkedIn is utilised as our marketing tool for B2B clients while Facebook is more geared towards our retail clients.

Every platform has its strengths and weaknesses and it is the correct utilisation of each that will help to create spark growth for any organization. Some might just require Facebook alone while others might just require a LinkedIn presence. The key is to understand where your customers hangout and speak to them there.

On the flipside, having real estate space on our customers mobile phones provides us a direct communication pathway, this enables us to engage our customers on a more personal level.

Influencer marketing, AR/VR, chatbots, hyper-personalized marketing are the growing trends of today. As a modern marketer, what is your view on the use of martech in your marketing strategy?

Martech should be seen as an enhancement or to augment basic fundamentals that are already working well and not as a means to an end by itself. It all boils down to the user experience and if it is necessary to be implemented in a marketing strategy.

Take for example, hyper-personalised ads vs AR/VR industry, if we are selling our products (electricity plans) to retail customers, hyper-personalised ads will make sense at some point while AR/VR experiences might be better suited to industries such as real estate.

Martech utilised in the wrong way could actually be an impediment to the marketing effort and negatively affect the perception of a brand.

In what ways do you think AI, data and machine learning are transforming the way we are approaching marketing today?

AI and machine learning will definitely be a boon to the way we approach marketing. From helping us to understanding our customer needs faster to optimisation of ad copies and design layouts, the routine and mundane aspects of marketing will get easier over time.

This will mean the underlying strategy will play an even greater role when it comes to the success of marketing campaigns.

How do you describe a modern marketer of today?

A modern marketer should always start with understanding his customer and their awareness level towards his product and industry.

He should be savvy about the correct tools to utilise, the right platforms to be on and have a broad depth of knowledge towards the different marketing channels available, from blogging to SEO, paid ads to influencer marketing.

At the core, the modern marketer should seek and strive to deliver the best value and experience to his or her audience first before expecting any ROI.


Joshua Nathan

Joshua Nathan is the Head of Marketing of iSwitch Energy, a licensed electricity retailer in Singapore. Joshua develops and oversees the execution of integrated digital marketing and go-to-market strategies. Prior to his role in iSwitch Energy, Joshua has worked on digital projects of various high profile brands that include Chivas, Scoot and Millennium Copthorne.


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