Marketing is about creativity: Laura Kantor, foodpanda – Jury Digi 100 APAC

From marketing world class music acts to now, a world class food delivery company, Laura Kantor has been in the marketing dome for the past nine years and currently presides as the Head of Marketing and Sustainability for foodpanda Singapore.

foodpanda was founded by Rocket Internet, and is now part of the Delivery Hero group, the largest food delivery platform globally, spanning 40+ countries. As the Head of Marketing and Sustainability in Singapore, Laura plans to maintain foodpanda as the food delivery service of choice with effective, localised marketing campaigns that drive customer loyalty.

As the Head of Sustainability of foodpanda, Laura pioneered the cutlery opt-in function – an option within the app for customers to say no to plastic cutleries – making foodpanda the first food delivery company to do so in January 2018. Within a year, the initiative has saved 1 million sets of cutleries (and counting) across the region. In addition, foodpanda were the first food delivery company to remove shark fin from their platform, in partnership with WWF in January 2018.

What are the top three traits that a Futurist Digital Marketer must have?

I would say that it massively depends on the nature of the business and industry you’re working on, but three important traits would be:

i. Complete understanding of the business (and/or client)
ii. Curiosity to try new things
iii. Creativity to solve complex business problems

What according to you is one trend that is defining the digital landscape in the APAC region?

Automation of creative, media, data, processes, supply chains, payments, the list goes on…

In such a complex digital landscape, automation will play a key role for any marketer to be successful. The use of the right tools and/or partners to ensure cost-efficiency & scale, gathering the right insights from and optimisation of creative to get the right customers will be the decisive factor as we move into a quasi 100% digital world.

With access to too much data what do you think is the biggest challenge that digital marketers are facing today?

Everything is so ROI driven, that I think many marketers are really giving way to their instincts and purely focusing on numbers. Marketing is really about creativity and connecting with people. By focusing solely on numbers & spreadsheets, we’re going to lose out on building a strong brand and connection.

As a jury for Digi 100 APAC, what is your advice to people applying to be on the list for top 100 digital marketers in the region?

Be bold!


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