Now user can not only read but also listen to the news. When you can’t read news or bored of reading an article, NewsDistill will read it out for you. They can switch to previous and next articles and also control NewsPlayer using Bluetooth while being engaged in routine activities like driving, jogging, cooking or working. NewsDistill allows them to choose latest and trending news from different categories and filter news-feeds from preferred publishers. One can play an article and continue to browse other articles. The best part is that it allows one to listen to news offline too. Currently, News Player is available in Hindi and English. NewsDistill has plans to launch NewsPlayer in other regional languages soon.

Till date, NewsDistill has been providing news in Hindi, Telugu and English. With the latest version, end users can read news in 5 other regional languages like Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, Bengali and Tamil. NewsDistill will be available in Gujarati soon.

NewsDistill is the first news aggregator to introduce contextual personalization. People can personalize news feed by publisher (and/or), topics (and/or), languages (and/or), locations. If they wish to read Political and Entertainment news from two popular publishers in Hindi language or Entertainment news from three popular publishers in English, it is just a click away. Additionally, they can also enable notifications for a specific personalized news feed.

Also we are the first news aggregator to introduce news comparison. Articles and videos are grouped by topic so that the user can read and compare same topic from different publishers instantly, thus enhancing the news reading experience.

If a reader likes an article and wishes to read it later, then they have to save it in Pocket and read at their convenient time even without internet connection. The articles in pocket are automatically organized as per the category.

The more you read, the more we recommend. NewsDistill came up with a smart recommendation engine to recommend news based on user interests. It automatically detects one’s interests based on their activity and suggests latest articles and videos in regional languages too.

Like every new day, NewsDistill gives you daily dose of Horoscope and it is available in all regional languages too.

Commenting on the launch of NewsDistill 2.0 version of android app, Bhaskar Reddy, VP- Marketing, NewsDistill shared, “We are delighted to launch the latest version. Now user can read more topics in less time, personalize news-feeds and compare news from different publishers instantly. Currently, we are launching NewsPlayer in Hindi and English and it will be very soon available in other regional languages.”

NewsDistill targets to achieve 2 million usermark by the end of 2016 and provide instant news from any regional place in India.

That’s not all; NewsDistill 2.0 has some more exciting features, download the app for an ultimate news reading experience.


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