With the help of data analysis, one-to-one marketing is now more personalized than ever. Personalized marketing doesn’t just help in creating customer loyalty but also in drawing in prospective customers. It’s not just the name, age or address of the customers that you have at your disposal. Data gives you access to their likes and dislikes, their interests, preferences and purchase history. The data gathered once segregated allows companies to determine what strategies will work best, what will attract more purchases and gain them traction.

Here are five personalized ad campaigns that we found interesting:


It’s not just your phone screen or computer screen you can personalize with your favorite picture anymore. ICICI bank presents an option where you can personalize your debit card with pictures from your gallery. In an ad featuring Amitabh Bachchan you see how the offer might appeal to various kinds of people, from couples in love to adoring grandfathers. The option to personalize the debit card with a picture of your choice would certainly appeal to the masses.


Amazon monitors the purchases you make and the products you add to your wish list/cart and based on that, provides recommendations for your next purchase. By doing so, they not only personalize your shopping experience and create trust in their consumers but also make it easier for consumers to find items of their interest.

Cadbury- #MakeTheMomentGlow

Cadbury’s #MakeTheMomentGlow campaign aimed at creating a product for special moments. Not unlike Cadbury Celebrations which is an assortment of Cadbury goods that you can gift your loved ones. Cadbury has various options for gifting, wherein you can personalize even the Cadbury cover with names and messages. To have your name printed on a Cadbury cover sure seems exciting, doesn’t it?


Considering the fame associated with the brand name Starbucks, having your name on a Starbucks cup that you can Instagram, Snap, or Facebook is certainly appealing to most. The offers you are promised upon having a membership card also encourage customer loyalty. As for being able to have your own handcrafted drink, who doesn’t want that?


One of the most famous personalized ad campaigns happens to be Coca-Cola’s ‘Share a Coke‘. While Cadbury’s personalization targeted special occasions, Coca-Cola took it a step further. Instead of celebrating the big moment alone, Coke targeted the little things too. Celebrate the little moments as well as the big ones with the people in your life by sharing a coke with them.

The Future of Personalized Marketing

Online screening platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube recommend shows and movies based on what you have watched last. This largely reduces the chances of you coming across something that is different yet interesting.

Even Google search happens to be personalized based on your previous search history as well as the keyword. While this makes finding what you want easier, it also narrows down your options by only providing what Google thinks you need.

In light of the Cambridge Analytica scandal that is now causing the scrutiny of online media and marketing under a microscope, personalized marketing may not be as popular as before. Customers may begin to question personalized recommendations because of the distrust and disruption that the scandal has brought to attention. Will personalized marketing withstand the storm or will it be deterred by the possible ramifications of Cambridge Analytica?


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