FMCG E-Commerce in India is expected to grow by 50% in the next decade with online sales in the sector likely to touch $130 billion by 2025. A Boston Consulting Group report predicts that over 150 million consumers will be digitally influenced in the FMCG sector by 2020. The FMCG giant wanted to tap into the growing digital-savvy consumer segment and also empower traditional neighborhood grocery stores by bringing them onto the digital bandwagon. The company’s vision is to empower more than 15,000 retailers with this initiative.


How does it work? 

Hyperlocal Commerce - Image 2

The brand deployed Capillary’s MartJack E-Commerce platform for connecting consumers with neighborhood grocery retailers. This Omni-channel platform enables consumers to place orders from the web store, mobile site, and mobile app by selecting the nearest store. The selected store then processes and dispatches the order directly to consumers – thus offering Pickup from Store and Ship from Store options.

Why is it different – retailer’s view

• The platform enables retailers to obtain online orders without waiting for customers to step into stores.
• Retailers can easily select the products they want to sell from a global digital catalog thus eliminating the need to invest in individual catalog creation.
• An intuitive and user-friendly Order Management web app facilitates a simple process for order fulfillment.

Why is it different – consumers’ view

• The solution helps the brand provide a true “hyperlocal” customer experience by offering option to buy from trusted, neighborhood stores – by rendering the store specific catalog, promotions, and prices.
• A seamless customer experience across the web store, mobile site, and mobile app helps build customer trust and increases the conversion rate for repeat customers who switch channels.

Capillary powers comprehensive Omni-channel Retail Solution stack

Co-innovate to build for future: The FMCG leader is co-innovating with Capillary’s dedicated team of E-Commerce experts to build new functionalities and innovations with quick time to market. This helps the brand maintain its edge in the Digital Commerce space.

Hyper Scale Omni-channel commerce: The scalable E-Commerce solution powers an exhaustive catalog of 25,000 SKUs. More importantly a seamless Omni-channel experience with single catalog, unified inventory, promotions and pricing across physical store, web, mobile, mobile app channels

Rock solid Technology: 99.95% site uptime and a highly scalable, secure, and reliable system allows the brand to focus on ideating for the future rather than worrying about downtime.

Consulting and Professional Services: Capillary does the heavy lifting of catalog creation and management, promotions management, and banner and creative management, reducing site management efforts for the brand.



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