Driven by the overwhelming response to its unique ‘Meet Your Neighbour’ initiative launched earlier this year, iD Fresh Food is all set to kick-start its month-long Independence Day Campaign across the country. India’s largest fresh food brand aspires to be a catalyst in bringing Indians together as a happy community that bonds over enjoyable, home-cooked meals. The mission is to unite India, one friendship at a time.

In June this year, iD Fresh Food had launched a unique campaign called ‘Meet Your Neighbour’ – encouraging folks to bond with people living in their locality, over some delicious idlis, dosas, vadas, parotas, and more. In less than two months, there were 3254 orders for hosting 23,974 guests. The highest number of orders – 1552 came from Bengaluru, hosting a total of 11,174 guests. iD Fresh Food delivered its products free of cost at the hosts’ doorstep to make this happen.

Heartened by the positive response to the campaign and the growing sense of community feeling that it encouraged, iD Fresh Food is now looking to build on that positivity with its Independence Day CampaignHome to diverse religions, cultures, languages and people, there are many things that divide India. But the one thing all Indians come together for is the joy of sitting down for a home-made meal. Through this campaign, iD Fresh wants to celebrate the spirit of united India with our shared love for food.

Speaking about the company’s latest initiative, PC Mustafa, CEO, iD Fresh Food, said, “Food has the power to do incredible things. It can bring together a nation of 1.3 billion people, who are divided by religion, caste, creed, socio-economic status, etc. This year, as we celebrate Independence Day, we would love all Indians to experience that spirit of unity – of being one nation, one people. Our Independence Day Campaign is an earnest endeavour to inspire people to rise over the differences in socio-economic and cultural status’ and find common ground.”

“I urge people to come together not only with family and friends, but also with people who have had an impact on their lives including colleagues, peers and support staff. We are honoured to be a part of this community-building exercise that’ll truly make us one of the strongest nations in the world.”

What prompted iD Fresh with these novel initiatives was the distressing findings of a pilot study, conducted earlier this year by iD Fresh Food, amongst 231 Bengalureans in the age group of 30-45 years. The study found that 56% of the respondents had never met their neighbours, while 32% only acknowledged them when they ran into each other. In emergency situations, 49% said that they wouldn’t be comfortable reaching out to a neighbour. The results were marginally better in neighbourhoods with school-going children, with 35% of the parents claiming to know each other very well and 18% moderately well.

This Independence Month, iD Fresh Food urges you to invite your friends, family, neighbours, colleagues, peers and support staff among others, to celebrate the spirit of unity in diversity with some home-cooked desi fare. All you need to do is register on and host a motley gang of proud Indians to a healthy, wholesome, home-cooked meal. The treat’s on iD Fresh Food! The patriotic fervour will be symbolised in iD Fresh Food packs’ design, illustrating silhouettes of a group of people having a meal together, with a background inspired by the independence day theme, all through August.

Leading by example, iD Fresh is also organizing meals with their support Staff in their offices and manufacturing Facilities.


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