Hand of a businessman shaking hands with a Android robot. The concept of human interaction with artificial intelligence.

With IoT, Machine Learning, AI and Automation spreading over the digital landscape swiftly, businesses are able to enhance their customer experience and meet the rising customer expectations. Chatbots happen to be one of the most essential tools in this world of automation. Not only does it decrease the work on the companies’ end by automating a major portion of customer support, but it also makes it easier for customers who get immediate responses. However, chatbots like any other trending development also have to prove themselves to stand out. Here are 5 tips to help you create an efficient chatbot:

1. Keep it short and simple

The point of a chatbot is to make the customer experience easier. Introduce the bot, and get right to the point. The purpose of the bot is to help the customer, and that in turn will help your business.

2. Be approachable and accessible 

Keep in mind though that you’re aiming for concise sentences and not abrupt. Customers should feel comfortable and at ease during the interaction. Keep the tone conversational and helpful. Naming your chatbot something friendly that your target audience will relate to aids in appearing amiable. If your chatbot has a distinct character, the better.

3. Mind your language!

Having grammatical errors, typos etc. makes you and the company look bad. Ensure to copy-check all your automated responses. You don’t want customers thinking you’re an amateur.

4. Understand the customer

The business world is slowly moving towards a customer-centric model. Regularly monitor and update your bot to ensure that you’re not being left behind in this fast-paced digital world. Feedback is a great way to improve upon your chatbot and therefore your customer experience too.

5. Protect the privacy of your customer

With EU’s GDPR now in place, it becomes only more important that the privacy of your customer is protected. Chatbots are valuable data gathering tools and by outlining the data you need, you can use them efficiently to help in doing the same. However, it’s essential to ensure that your customers know that they are providing you with data and what it shall be used for.


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