Happiest Minds is the first company globally to position itself as “Born Digital. Born Agile”

Bengaluru, San Jose and London, 22 October 2019: Digital and Agile are the two driving forces which lay the foundations for success of both IT companies and their customers.  In today’s age, a number of companies, including those born in the legacy ages have claimed to be either born digital or agile.  Happiest Minds is the first organization globally to legitimately claim that the company is both born digital and born agile. 
“Born Digital . Born Agile.” indicates Happiest Minds’ commitment to be agile enough to transform organizational & business practices, processes and competencies with digital technologies and solutions.  It is the quick adoption and integration of emerging technologies that fundamentally changes how an organization operates and creates value for its people and customers.
Happiest Minds is “Born Digital” as it has consistently been able to create digital capital for its customers since inception by leveraging disruptive technologies to maximize return on capital and improve profitability. This is reflected in the fact that almost 100% of the company’s projects are digital.  
Happiest Minds is “Born Agile” in many ways.   The first and obvious aspect is agile delivery which ensures quick turnaround and multiple deliverables and outcomes that are essential for creating customer value in digital projects.  The company is at the forefront of the agile movement which goes well beyond delivery alone.  It embraces the entire organization from objective setting, feedback cycles for rapid learning, culture of responsiveness, embracing next generation technologies and even organizational structure.
Happiest Minds has received an array of awards and citations as a validation of its leadership in digital and agile:
  •  Selected by ISG among 25 Best Examples of Digital Transformation in 2018 and 2019
  • Ranked Disruptor in Avasant’s 2019 Applied AI and Advanced Analytics Services RadarView™ Report
  • Recognized as an Innovator in Avasant’s Internet of Things Services RadarView™ Report
  • ‘Born Digital’ Happiest Minds is recognized by IDC
  • Frost & Sullivan recognizes Happiest Minds as a ‘Digital Transformation Services Provider of the Year – SMB 2017’
Ashok Soota, Executive Chairman, Happiest Minds Technologies said, “The new positioning will help Happiest Minds to further accelerate our growth and increase customer-centricity of our business. The ultimate validation is high customer and people satisfaction scores where the company continues to be well ahead of others in the industry.”
Joseph Anantharaju, President & CEO – Product Engineering Services and Executive Board Member at Happiest Minds said “While we are 100% digital and agile, we are also at the forefront of the agile movement. Right from inception, we have worked closely with our clients in using agile principles to help them innovate rapidly while accelerating their time to market. This has resulted in us winning the trust of our customers in addition to garnering several industry accolades.”

About Happiest Minds Technologies:

Happiest Minds, the Mindful IT Company, applies agile methodologies to enable digital transformation for enterprises and technology providers by delivering seamless customer experience, business efficiency and actionable insights. We leverage a spectrum of disruptive technologies such as: Big Data AnalyticsAI & Cognitive ComputingInternet of Things, Cloud, Security,SDN-NFVRPABlockchain, etc. Positioned as “Born Digital .  Born Agile”, our capabilities spans across product engineering, digital business solutions, infrastructure management and security services. We deliver these services across industry sectors such as retail, consumer packaged goods, edutech, e-commerce, banking, insurance, hi-tech, engineering R&D, manufacturing, automotive and travel/transportation/hospitality.
Headquartered in Bangalore, India; Happiest Minds has operations in the U.S., UK, The Netherlands, Australia and Middle East.
Media Contact: media@happiestminds.com
Press Release: URL

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