The Flaming Wheels, world famous wheelchair Dances innovated by Guru Dr. Syed Pasha will be coming to your city shortly. Do you know that your life will transform in 60min by watching the wheelchairs move at a speed of 150-200 Km/hr and spin faster than a ballet dancer? Ability Unlimited’s “The Flaming Wheels” Shows have captivated audiences nationwide and across the globe.

It is an instant transformation by ‘seeing is believing’  if a physically challenged person sitting on the wheelchair can perform unbelievable acts and hearing impaired people can dance without listening to the music . . .  then why not a person with a fully abled mind and body, give his total potential to life and work? These miraculous wheelchair acts innovated  by Guru Dr. Syed Sallauddin Pasha, artistic director of Ability Unlimited assures you instant transformation and rejuvenation of body, mind and soul.

It is great Benefit to the organizations, corporate, educational institutions as a happy self-motivated person is an asset. Witnessing The Flaming Wheels – world famous performance, one transforms himself from negativity to positivity, from darkness to light, from depression to happiness by awakening the inner self and making one believe in himself and achieve through his own powers. To book The Flaming Wheels performance in your city write to [email protected] or visit our website


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