Deepak Tuli: Know Your Speaker- Futurist Business Conclave 2018


Deepak Tuli is the co-founder and COO of (MIH India / Naspers) India’s fastest growing Online Travel Platform. Deepak co-founded in 2009 with a small team. With over 10 years of e-commerce experience, Deepak has expertise in Mobile Platforms (Android / IOS / Windows / HTML5), Digital Marketing, Product Management, P&L management, CRM etc. He has built multiple online business / business units in India. Currently, Deepak is the Chief Business Officer of New Business at MakeMyTrip.

1. How do you deal with rising customer expectations?
Customer is core of our strategy and implementation process. Whenever we think about any solution, first we answer how will this help our customers. This philosophy helps us in solving customer issues and we are able to cater to customer rising demands. We actually build for customers so keep solving their problems.
2. What are the changes/and impact AI and machine learning can bring to marketing?

AI and machine learning can mix maths with english and deliver business results. Specially in marketing understanding customer interest + right communication results in right customer acquisition @ right cost. All this can happen with AI / machine learning only.

3. What are 3 key points to remember when creating a digital customer experience?

Call to action – it should always be there, never give  a dead end to customer
Right communication – show right and clear communication on every step and don’t complicate things.
Make it easier – it should be easier doing it digitally then offline.


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