A report by Libra, the global Android analysis platform designed by Cheetah Mobile, has found that Security Master – Antivirus, VPN, AppLock, Booster – (previously known as CM Security Antivirus app Applock) currently has a weekly active penetration rate of over 35 percent among mobile internet users on Android in India. Applock is able to reach 200 million impressions a day making it a powerful advertising tool for advertisers that increasingly need to reach a mobile-first audience.

Some of India’s biggest advertisers are already on-board with the company’s Cheetah Ads services: Samsung, Suzuki, Tata & Colgate. In particular, Samsung’s campaign has generated more than 37 million impressions for a campaign that helped it launch one of its phones. A combination of high market reach, impactful ad format, and machine learning to help optimize the campaign has resulted in a purchase intent of more than 2.5x the normal mobile e-commerce rate.

“We are confident that with our huge inventory and precise targeting abilities fueled by our AI capabilities, Cheetah Ads will continue to help advertisers in India to effectively reach their target audience who are increasingly mobile-first. We see our mission in India as one to continue to educate the market about the beauty of mobile advertising and work closely with our various partners to move the industry forward.” said, Mr. Morden Chen, GM, Cheetah Mobile, APAC Ad Sales.

In another example, Sonia Serrao, Deputy GM for Tata Global Beverages, Media & Marketing Procurement, has mentioned: “We tried the Locker Ad Roadblock from Cheetah Mobile in conjunction with our print campaign and to our surprise, it delivered way beyond our expectations giving us maximum “Impact and Reach”. With huge impressions in a single day through such rich innovative ad-units, we feel we made the right decision to make this investment on Cheetah Mobile. I personally feel that Cheetah Ads will be taking the Display Ad Marketplace by storm with its innovative solutions in India!.”

Based on a recent study by Cheetah Mobile, the company is optimistic about the future of mobile advertising in India. In its latest effort to drive the entire mobile advertising industry in India, Cheetah Mobile’s advertiser facing unit, Cheetah Ads, launched vertical video in all mobile moments earlier this year by leveraging its suite of mobile apps which are able to capture a mobile user’s entire mobile consumption journey. Cheetah Ads places full-screen vertical video ads in a wide range of user contexts – from pre-social moments like AppLock, where brands can reach users before they unlock their favorite social apps; to in-social activity within popular influencer-powered apps like musical.ly and Live.me; to personalized content moments in News Republic; and utility moments in apps like Clean Master and Battery Doctor.


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