A film of hope and triumph featuring Cancer Survivor Sidharth Ghosh

Celebrating the spirit of Cancer Survivors, HCG – The Specialist in Cancer Care has created a Teaser Film for the Self V – Survivor Stories, a one-of-a-kind celebration for cancer survivors to celebrate Survivors Day. Initiated on Cancer Survivors Day along with Pink Hope – The Cancer Patient Support Group, Self V Survivor Stories captures the essence of cancer survivors, courage and triumph for those who are battling cancers, thus adding up to the confidence and providing a ray of hope as well.

The film opens with last year’s winner of Self V, Sidharth Ghosh, a cancer survivor, who is finishing work late night and heading home, while the voiceover describes how ‘strength’ is the absence of weakness and that it’s measured when someone has won, which is only destined for a handful while the rest lose out on it. The film then takes a sudden transformation, as in the morning Sidharth goes down to his garage and removes the cover from his Harley Davidson bike. The voiceover then talks about how there is strength in each one of us and that it is not earned without a struggle. The film then shifts to the ride, where Sidharth is shown, riding his bike along with the other Harley Davidson bike riders, while the narrative goes on to show the strength to fight cancer is each one of us, even a common man like Sidharth Ghosh can overcome cancer and come out victorious.

Speaking on Self V Survivor Stories, Mr. Dinesh Madhavan – Director – Healthcare Services said, “Self V Survivor Stories are all about hope and triumph and how these inspire and create a ray of hope for those battling cancers. This year’s film is created around a survivor named Sidharth Ghosh who in his own unique way describes that the strength to fight cancer is within you, each one of us needs to bring out the strength to defeat cancer and this defines you.

The Film is directed by Dharmaraj Shetty, produced by Priyanka while the DOP is Aslam KP of Figured It Out Films

The Film can also be viewed on YouTube channel – (//www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcxJjqyzx0A


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