Beyond Pink: Himani Agrawal, Director, Integrated Marketing at Microsoft India

In this segment of ‘Beyond Pink’, we talk to Himani Agrawal, Director of Integrated Marketing at Microsoft India. Read on to know what Himani has to say to young women just starting out their careers among other things.

1. Essentials for a business meeting:

It shouldn’t be a meeting where minutes are kept but hours are lost and hence few essentials to me are the 3D’s–

1) Keep the Distractions out

2) Allow for Dialogue

3) Make the Decision.

2. Your favorite professional you follow on Twitter?

Elon Musk when he is bored @BoredElonMusk

3. One thing that one will find on your work desk?

In the age of hot desking, my work desk is Surface Pro 4 which has OneNote that helps me keep organized, Skype that helps me communicate and collaborate with others and pictures of my family to keep me sane.

4. One gadget you can’t do without at work?

My Surface Pro 4 and I carry my world in it.

5. What advice would you give to young women who have just started their careers?

Everyone who is starting a career should follow a simple mantra “Create a vision, pursue it with dedication and fulfill your dreams”. Build your networks both formal and informal and evangelize your good work. You need to make your work visible to others and not let the thought, that “my work will talk for itself”, hold you back. It’s not about blowing your own trumpet but leveraging the opportunities to showcase the impact that you have made and rightfully owning it.


Himani Agrawal heads Integrated Marketing for Microsoft India with a strong track record of innovative solutions in B2B space leading to customer expansion and new customer acquisition. In her 20 years in the industry, she has held different roles in marketing, business development and customer experience consulting across industries like IT, Financial Services and Automotive.


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