Bloggers form a crucial component in influence marketing. Whether it be lifestyle bloggers, food bloggers, beauty & health bloggers, finance bloggers, mommy bloggers or just book reviewers, most niche bloggers represent an influential voice in their area of expertise. This ‘influence’ as a measure plays a strong role in digital marketing campaigns, especially when it comes to new product launches and brand awareness campaigns in a socially-driven age.

Their loyal readership provides brands with a targeted medium to disseminate information on new products. A Burst Media survey highlighted that brand mentions or promotions within blog content influenced purchasing decisions of 65.5% of blog readers.

Beauty Bloggers played a vital role in the recent ‘Art of Oiling’ campaign that involved a lot of helpful ‘Do-it-yourself’ videos. Launched last month, the DIY campaign from Parachute Advansed, the coconut hair oil brand from Marico leveraged digital media to spread awareness about the ancient ‘Art of Oiling’.

Armed with a website that acted as a repository for the DIY videos and social media initiatives by the brand, the digital marketing mix also involved beauty bloggers.

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Reaching out via beauty bloggers

An initiative by the Parachute Advansed Knowledge Centre (PAKC ) in collaboration with Moses Chundi, a renowned massage expert and the Director of London Centre of Indian Champissage (LCIC), ‘Art of Oiling’ consists of a signature line of quick, fun and exciting Do-It-Yourself head massages created by Moses.

The signature DIY videos were unveiled amongst a chosen set of beauty bloggers flown from different cities to the launch event in Mumbai. The event involved a live demonstration by the massage expert Moses Chundi and Parachute brand ambassador and Bollywood actress Nargis Fakhri.


While the massage expert demonstrated simple and quick massage techniques, Fakhri and the bloggers were also made to follow in their footsteps, thus making it a truly ‘participative’ event.

The #ArtOfOiling event was covered by more than 30 influential bloggers in the beauty, health and makeup domain. Apart from tweeting about the event, they also shared their experiences on their respective blogs.

Banking on ‘expert generated content’

While the DIY videos formed the core of the #ArtOfOiling campaign, the hair oil brand also ensured an authentic voice speaks out to beauty conscious consumers. In addition to using its own social media properties to share about the DIY videos, the brand also made sure to capitalize on the blogs generated by the bloggers who attended the launch event. Each blogger brought out her individual experience at the event and helped share information on the art of oiling with her readers.

This post by a blogger who goes by the title ‘Indian Shringar’ for her blog, is not only entertaining with images from the live event, but also provides useful information on the art of oiling. The photo booth, video booth, hair wash and styling section and canvasses provided for painting and the gift hampers at the event, all formed an exciting experience for Ishita Khanna from BFF blog.


These blogs were shared on the Parachute Advansed Facebook and Twitter pages along with the DIY videos. Additionally, these blogs were featured on the campaign website where they are accessible at the ‘Live feed’ section on the right. A Google search on ‘art of oiling’ is dominated by these blog posts alongside the campaign website.

Parachute Advansed’s #ArtofOiling by reaching out through beauty bloggers, has managed to reach out to its core TG – the beauty conscious consumer. A strategic digital awareness campaign for a brand looking to own the ‘hair care’ category in the country.

Published with permission.


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