Aviva Life Insurance, one of India’s prominent life insurance companies, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, a festival that celebrates love, have launched India’s first ever heart insurance plan for couples – Aviva Heart Care.’ The policy provides coverage against 19 mild, moderate and severe cardiovascular conditions, and procedures and allows lump sum payout irrespective of the cost of treatment.

Aviva Heart Care’ – two hearts, one policy – joint coverage for couples is India’s only health insurance plan dedicated to the heart, which covers both you and your spouse. The product allows the insured to cover himself and the spouse in the same policy at a nominal extra premium. ‘Aviva Heart Care’ also has options to restore policy benefits, once the basic sum assured is exhausted for severe category conditions. This comprehensive heart care plan fills the gap that exists today.

Anjali Malhotra, Chief Customer, Marketing & Digital Officer, Aviva Life Insurance said, “For the country that has gained fame as the cardio-vascular ailments capital of the world, India did not have a single heart disease dedicated plan. So we launched Aviva Heart Care, the first ever dedicated heart-plan for couples. It urges couples to make a commitment to secure their hearts together. People often depend on mediclaim or critical illness plans, but these may not be enough. This plan is the answer to all these problems.”

Indians are prone to heart ailments due to multiple factors including genetics, unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle, stress etc. making it the cardio vascular disease (CVD) capital of the world. Customer research indicated that people are not adequately covered under a mediclaim policy, and also that 78% of hospitalisation expenses are out of pocket.

Aviva Brand Ambassador, Sachin Tendulkar reaffirming the need for such a product said, As a sportsman, I have always emphasised the need for fitness and believe that a healthy heart is key to a happy life. A policy like Aviva Heart Care will ensure that families pledge to their mutual health goals. I believe it is trulyGood Thinking to insure both hearts that are so critical to keep the family together.

Key Benefits of Aviva Heart Care plan:

  • Comprehensive coverage against 19 cardiovascular conditions
  • Benefit paid over & above mediclaim
  • Multiple claims allowed basis severity
  • Coverage for self & spouse with double the coverage for severe category conditions
  • Option to double the coverage  for major conditions on exhaustion of initial sum assured
  • Couple policy WE comes at an incremental cost basis age, term & sum assured for spouse


For a 40 year old male, with Rs 10 Lakh cover for a 10 year term, the premium is only Rs 4279 and the spouse if say is 5 years younger at 35 years. The combined premium for both would be  Rs 4634 including taxes. i.e. just about 8% more to cover the spouse.

There are 4 Options Available with Aviva Heart Care plan:

     ME Comprehensive coverage for self
     ME+ Comprehensive coverage for self with twice the coverage for severe category conditions
     WE Comprehensive coverage for self and spouse
     WE+ Comprehensive coverage for self and spouse with twice the coverage for severe category conditions

The minimum entry age for buying the product is 28 years and maximum entry age is 65 years. The policy term is fixed between 10-25 years, subject to the maximum maturity age of 75 years. The policy has a maximum sum assured of Rs 50 Lakhs/life.



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