Welcome back to our new segment Around the World in 3 Ads! For our second episode, we’re looking at ads from Snickers, McDonald’s and Amazon.



This hilarious ad that showcases most patients’ paranoid fear that their surgeon will leave something behind in them has got just the right amount of humor. The lawyer’s expression, the call from the surgeon’s wife were more than enough to highlight the absurdity of the situation without Google giving instructions on how to make butter. The tagline ‘you’re careless when you’re hungry’ with the word ‘careless’ highlighted in the Snickers logo colors makes the ad an effective one.


For the holy month of Ramadan, McDonald’s released an ad that has been going viral. The protagonist who is fasting spends the entire day delivering McDonald’s. We see him helping someone push their car, climb the stairs because the lift is out of order, and generally working hard. Towards the end of the ad, a customer realizes it’s time to break the fast and offers the protagonist a McDonald’s sharing meal. The ad ends with the tagline ‘Share the Spirit of Ramadan’. Coca-Cola too released an ad for Ramadan about how ‘what unites us is bigger than what divides us’ portraying two women sharing a coke, one of them breaking her fast.


Featuring celebrities like Gordon Ramsay, Cardi B, Rebel Wilson and Anthony Hopkins this ad portrays how Amazon’s Alexa loses her voice and the hilarity that ensues after. Finding a replacement for the famous Alexa turns out to be harder than we’d all think. It’s a good thing Alexa steps back in, with her clear voice, and assumes the mantle again.


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