Anshul Goswami: Know Your Speaker- Futurist Business Conclave 2018

Anshul has two decades of experience in IT industry in ideating, prototyping and engineering products and offerings and worked closely with startups, medium, large scale enterprises and government bodies in India, APAC, US and Canada.

In his current role he is the Head of AirAsia Technology Center and plays a very important part in the digital transformation of AirAsia from a leading low cost carrier in the world to one of the best digital airlines in the world by 2020. Prior to joining AirAsia, he has worked with organizations like Wells Fargo, Ness Digital Engineering and IBM to lead multiple initiatives in innovation and end to end Product Development Life Cycle by building unique customer experiences.

1. How do you deal with rising customer expectations?

Data is the biggest asset of AirAsia. This data comes from different systems. We collate this data, analyse it and then try to understand customer needs, wants, expectations and aspirations. All our products and offerings are basically conceptualised, engineered and delivered this way to address rising customer expectation.

2. What are 3 important points to remember when creating a digital customer experience?
I think design thinking led omnichannel experience which is supported by data is the key. In AirAsia we are developing products and offerings constantly thinking about how these different aspects can be merged together to provide best digital customer experience.
3. What according to you will be key trends in digital customer experience of the future?

There are many trends. Some of the key trends are:
1. Advanced analytics tools driving customer experience transformation
2. Boosting mobile experience
3. Personalisation
4. And Self Service Analysis



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