Tinder's #StartSomethingEpic

Tinder’s Famous Fail

Tinder’s last attempt to advertise their app in India fell short of anticipation when the ad was berated and trolled for being unrealistic. The ad portrayed an Indian mother and daughter discussing the daughter’s Tinder date, a date that the mother is seen to approve of in an idealistically supportive way. Viewers found the mother’s casual and supportive attitude uncommon to the conventional Indian mother. The ad since then was taken off the web.

Could this have been the end of trying to advertise and therein normalize dating and dating apps in India? No, not for Tinder.

Back with a Bang!

The app that was launched in 2012 made a spectacular comeback with its latest ad #StartSomethingEpic that with its feel-good vibes hit just the right tone. 1,440,866 views and counting! India may not be known for its progressive approach to dating but with this new ad, things may change even if it’s just a smidgen.

The ad opens with actor-musician Kavya Trehan dancing her way through the city with abandon, swiping left on the boys that don’t interest her and swiping right on the boys that catch her attention just like how the app works! A shot of her swaying past an auto that has the words ‘Phir Milenge. Chalte Chalte’ on its hood portrays the easygoing nature of Tinder dates. You are not obliged to commit, especially if you don’t click with the date as is shown by the tinder girl who weaves her way through dates, leaving when she deems it apt. Towards the end of the 90 second ad we see her checking Tinder on her phone. ‘It’s a match!’ says Tinder and she looks up in pleasant surprise to see her Tinder match. The ad ends with the two of them dancing enthusiastically together as the words ‘Start Something Epic’ appear in the closing shot. Seems it was really a match! The remix of the 60’s song ‘Jaan Pehechan Ho’, originally sung by Mohammed Rafi, serves as the upbeat background score. This song, of course, fits perfectly since loosely translated the lyrics are ‘Let’s get to know each other, life would become easier.’ Combined with the fun and engaging demeanor of Kavya Trehan, the ad seems to represent the essence of Tinder: meet new people with the same interests as you and maybe spark something epic!

Read what Taru Kapoor of Tinder and Match Group, India has to say about their latest ad!

Pick your date!

Of course, Tinder isn’t the only dating app the world has to offer. Woo’s ad is sweet and romantic, highlighting their catchphrase ‘Find Magic, Find Love.’ While TrulyMadly’s BoyBrowsing ad has a similar, fun and light tone to Tinder’s new ad. Happn is all about finding the ones we glimpsed while travelling in the local bus, or walking to the grocery store. There is a plethora of dating apps now to choose from, some highlight safety and discretion, others highlight the opportunity to find love or even just excitement. The vast options means you get to take your pick!

Paulwriter’s Take

An ad that not only grabs your attention but adheres to the tone of the brand! Tinder is all about meeting new people that you can forge connections with. It’s as much about casual dating as it is about finding ‘a match.’ They present a relaxed take on dating which is seen in their new ad and although the ad was longer than 60 seconds, the lively music and the on-the-go tinder girl made it feel like less than the 90 seconds that it actually was.

Tinder ad:



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