The ad opens with baand, baaja and baarat and shows a woman watching the celebration from her balcony with a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk for company. The wedding group is dancing to the tune of Saat Samandar Paar from the 90’s movie. In walks the mother-in-law who too becomes a mute spectator to the celebration. However, our lady remembers her manners and arranges her pallu over her shoulders in respect (mind you…no covering of head here) and shares a piece of her chocolate with `Mummyjee’. And boom magic happens. Next scene shows the duo joining the celebration and dancing to the music matching their footsteps with total abandon. They take the center stage and only move when the groom signals them to with his gesture. The ad ends with both of them running away happily and hand in hand with the tagline- badhti dosti ke naam, kuch meetha ho jaye.

It is a feel good ad and makes you smile. Set in the middle class milieu both these women give a sense of awkwardness in the relationship when they are seen first. They also seem traditional with the younger woman setting her pallu when she sees the mother-in-law. So that’s where the surprise factor comes into play when you see both of them dancing with such abandon and enjoying their dance. It shows a completely different side to their personalities and adds a likable dimension to them.



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