The elder sister sees the younger one balancing a long stack of Oreos. The younger one is showing off her balancing skills quite proudly when the elder sister points to the dog who apparently is doing something similar. At that moment the dog jumps up and down goes his formation and needless to say that is what would next happen to the girl’s stack too. The elder sister laughs and asks How do you #Play with Oreo.

Overall the theme of the ad is that Oreo is all about fun times, whether having it for what it is – a biscuit – or just using it for fun things like stacking, dunking in a glass of milk, spinning or whatever creative use one could put it to. The mindset that one has when having or experiencing an Oreo is of light hearted fun and this goes with the delight and fun times theme that Oreo has positioned itself with down the years.

While the advertising has been targeted at kids as the primary audience for the product, this current campaign is moving towards creating a wider appeal for the product across segments – youngsters, corporates and a number of other profiles as witnessed from the number of varied entries for this contest. Possibly trying to say through this campaign that irrespective of who you are you are and what you do an experience with Oreo can bring out the fun loving child in you. Just like Cadbury’s did a while ago – widen the base for this brand.

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