Weave together shots of everyday besties nudging each other to check out boys in a bright and breezy montage and pepper it with sparkling, toe-tapping music and you’ve got an ad that makes you want to hit replay or even better, go for the direct download.

Truly Madly, one of India’s best online dating apps has crafted a smart and audience-centric campaign around an already existing social behaviour with its latest Boy Browsing TVC.

If I’m to go by the likeability of the ad on social networking sites, it has acing the charts. How could anyone possibly ignore the immensely charming and relatable casual banter of young, pretty girls in everyday situations or the perfectly matched song that brilliantly captures the choices of girls these days! The words ‘eeny, meeny, miny, moe’ are fun and easy-going, asking you not to take the dating game too seriously. With over a million downloads of which 30 percent are female, the advertisement is clearly directed at increasing the female user base.


However, we need to wait to see how well the popularity of Truly Madly’s slick and cheeky advertisement translates into app downloads. Though it has been out only for a little over two weeks and is setting social media channels abuzz with its catchiness, it would be premature to decide on how effective the campaign has been without giving it some more time. A great way for TrulyMadly to set itself apart from other competing dating apps and tailor itself to its Indian clientele could be by addressing stereotypes that are specific to Indians. A great way to trump the competition and instantly connect to your audience!

Check out the video if you haven’t done so yet. And try not to be discouraged by the not-so-great reviews of app (mostly by male users).

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