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Oxemberg is known for its aesthetically attractive ads that focus on showcasing the latest fashion in formal as well as informal attire. If you’ve been to the theater recently, you might have caught one of their characteristic ads. However, Oxemberg recently released three new ads online that are miles apart from their usual archetype for their #MakeYourMove campaign.

Water Baby- Afroz Shah

The ad opens with a beautiful view of oceanic waves and a voice-over from the high court lawyer, Afroz Shah whose story the ad narrates. October 2015, Shah began to clean his city’s Versova beach with the help of his 84 year old neighbor, the late Harbansh Mathur. Over time, he was joined by others until his one step forward to change turned into a movement. The ad follows Shah’s shore-cleaning routine, focusing on the act itself and ends with Shah saying ‘I’ve made my move. Why wait? Make your move.’ It is only at the very end we see Oxemberg’s slogan appear, figuring seamlessly into the story. The excellent cinematography only lends to the soft and inspirational allure of the story featured in the ad.

The Journey Within- Jubin Mehta

Jubin Mehta, a member of the Saadho community based in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, talks about his soul-searching experience that led to the founding of Saadho. Saadho is a community of seekers that follows an alternate lifestyle focused on growing together and helping one another understand the nature of life while discovering the self. Lush green surroundings, mountains and trekking paths, rivers and valleys are featured while Mehta’s voice is heard narrating his journey and the ad ends with him saying ‘I made my move from the cities to Dharamshala. If there is something that you really want to do, feels right from within, why wait? Make your move.’

The Joy of Giving- Manish Vyas

Children are the future happens to be a well-known truth. The education of children, hence, is of significant importance to the country’s wellbeing. Manish Vyas’ efforts to ensure the children of Sikkim receive education worthy of their potential is the focus of this particular ad. Vyas works as a teacher for a ‘non-profit, free-for-all’ school in Sikkim known as the Sikkim Himalayan Academy. We see through the ad how he crowdfunded the money and helped acquire the best available technical equipment, books and other necessities for the school. Like the inspirational story that it is, the spotlight is on the act and as a result, the happy children. Similar to the other two ads, this one too ends with the speaker saying ‘Make your move.’

Oxemberg’s ‘Make Your Move’ campaign highlights success despite the many obstacles you face. In one particular ad that follows the journey of a man to the top, we realize towards the end that the voice-over is spoken by the fabric itself: ‘The ride to the top is rough. I am the armor that shields him. Helps him keep moving ahead. You see, success is woven in my fabric.’ While that can be considered an effective strategy, the new moving ads that focus on social and environmental causes may appeal more to the sentiments of the masses.

Could this perhaps be Oxemberg’s attempt to create a new brand image for itself? A way of saying it’s not just about looking prepared (as is the focus of their older ads) but about taking that confidence a step forward and making a difference?

Paulwriter’s Take

The three ads that follow the journey of three different men who each take up a different cause that is pertinent in this fast-moving world and follow through despite the difficulties they face is certainly inspiring. However the decision to mention the brand only towards the end of the ads can be seen as misleading. Nevertheless the stories fit Oxemberg’s slogan like a glove.

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