Who hasn’t heard about the multinational furniture-retail company, Ikea, founded in Sweden? Ikea is set to open their first ever store in India on 19th July in Hyderabad and this news has created quite a buzz.

Known for their creative campaigns, Ikea released their first ad campaign targeting the Indian market specifically which has been making the rounds on social media.


Titled ‘Make Everyday Brighter’ the ad features snippets from an Indian family life. It’s hard to miss the price tags on some everyday objects, and the importance of it given that Ikea is known for being economical and trendy. Considering the popular options of online furniture stores like Pepperfry, or rental furniture Furlenco, the question arises: what can Ikea give to India apart from the brand name?

The background music that starts with “Is a home really a home? Well, it’s how you see it. Is it a room or a ground or a merry-go-round?” showcases one of Ikea’s most popular ideas: use your imagination to make the best use of the space you have. Their ad Small Spaces, Small Ideas focused on how any space could be put to optimal use if you approached it with an open mind. In a series of videos they created, ‘Square Metre Challenge‘ Ikea showed how they could do just that. Having a similar tone of making the best use of the space you have, with bunk beds, and storage cabinets and draws under beds, this ad also brings in a touch of excitement at family reunions. The upbeat music and the video of a joyous reunion only adds to the brightness of the ad. However, would the ad have been more effective if it had a more Indian touch to its music, considering the target audience? Is there too much happening in 60 seconds? Does it make you wonder why Ikea, the king of minimalism, might have created an ad that is exploding with too much energy?

What did you think about the ad? Let us know in the comments!


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