Humour can sell almost anything. The brief, if I may attempt to play back was perhaps a single liner :- Reverse the rapidly nose-diving trend of printing pictures (like in good old days!).

The reflex action response elicited from the TVC, can be expected to be equally strong given the kind of shock treatment handed over with the help of a hugely evident consumer insight! What better time than to ride the wave of hyper-intensive image production and collage assembly?

The social network has made many things look archaic, obsolete and hence the need to drum up a need that does not exist is no mean challenge. If laughter is best medicine then this particular spoof is proof that nothing works better than a good hearty laugh to help get back in the pink of health and putting the brand and the category on a higher growth trajectory.

Few effects of the series of ads that adds to the memorability and persuasion power are the ‘re-relevance’ effect (bringing back relevance in our new social eco-system), talking points and most importantly the ‘tickle – effect’

A Media Planners dream run on a programmatic buy with a host of creative for different editorial environment, Sitcoms, Wild Life, Business Channels, more and more sans fatigue effect: relevant audiences with a relevant copy matter!

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