Paul Writer

Mastek Brand Journey Through Positioning Mastery

Mastek, a prominent player in the IT services sector, navigated challenges, evolved its legacy, and expanded its Oracle Cloud presence through the acquisition of Evosys. Paul Writer’s research-driven approach helped align Mastek’s brand with its aspirations, resulting in
a new positioning statement – ‘Digital
Decomplexed’ – aimed at improving brand preference
and new hire conversion rates.

About the Client

Mastek, a stalwart in the IT services sector with 40 years of legacy

Mastek faced the challenge of evolving its commendable legacy while expanding its Oracle Cloud presence through the acquisition of Evosys. Their objective was to translate existing goodwill into brand preference and enhance the new hire conversion rate.

Paul Writer's Approach

  • Research and strategic planning to align brand with aspirations
  • Identified core values: trust, value, velocity
  • Developed new positioning statement: “Digital Decomplexed”


  • Integration of “Digital Decomplexed” theme in all communication outlined in a brand book
  • Phased marketing plan focusing on key goals in target markets
  • Emphasis on public relations, website enhancements, social media, analyst reports, and strategic partnerships

Key Marketing Takeaways

  • Aligned core values with brand narrative
  • Applied “Hofstede Onion Model” to reinforce trust, value, velocity
  • Leveraged “Life at Mastek” series and brand champions to exemplify values and create brand heroes

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