Rupal Surana

VP – Operations


Quick chat with Rupal Surana, Member of DWENIndia

A female entrepreneur you admire and why? 

Marissa Mayer (Currently the president and CEO of Yahoo!) – Changing course for a company at a scale like that requires great endurance and persistence. Her story inspires me. Also can relate to her CEO/Mom lifestyle who’s trying to balance between work and kids.

Mantra for success is?

Invest time and effort in building a good team. Great teams build great companies.

Being your own boss is to you?

Initially felt like fun as I had the freedom to mould product and service as it seemed fit. I stood corrected in a very short period as it dawned on me that the responsibility is immense 🙂 We were soon talking funding, scale, competition & customer experience. There are no Sundays or vacations for a “boss”. I love this new me who was being challenged and stretched. It feels right to walk the path towards achievement and is very fulfilling to know that some day this hardwork is going to help a billion people Travel Better.

Your DWEN experience and how would you sum it?

A revelating experience to meet so many like minded Women Entrepreneurs of Chennai (I did not know existed). DWEN managed to bring together a good mix of hard working deserving women to one forum of various backgrounds and industry. Found some great connects for business. Am grateful to DWEN for this exposure and opportunity to interact and get into interesting discussions with the most intelligent minds of chennai. I look forward to many more such interactions. On the whole it was assuring to know that am in a good network that can also be a support system for my ambitious side.

Profile: Rupal Surana is VP – Operations at Stayzilla.


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