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23rd November, 2017 | Issue # 340 | Should You Still Watch Spacey?


This morning I read in the Times of India the heartwarming news of doctors crowdsourcing Rs 18L to help pay for a 6 year-old boy’s dengue treatment at Kanchi Child Trust Hospital in Chennai.  The total bill was Rs 35L for around 2 months in hospital – he was discharged yesterday – and the article details how the money was spent and who has waived what.  It waxes lyrical about an ECMO machine (look up the article to figure out what the machine does – if I add links there’s a high probability your mail server will move my email to Promotions or Spam). It even mentions that the doctors took help from Fortis Malar for this.  Yes, Fortis which has been in the news for allegedly handing a Rs 18L bill to the grieving parents of a 7 year-old Gurgaon girl who tragicallly did not recover from dengue.

Hospitals are in a difficult position – they must try their best to save lives, yet they don’t always succeed.  Treatment often involves expensive equipment and super-specialized personnel – who will bear the cost? Not everyone has insurance of this sort.  Why hospital bills are so much is a huge and polarizing topic in itself.

“Culture eats strategy for lunch” is a phrase often heard in our home (Yeah, we’re weird).  I’d like to offer, instead, that “process eats culture for breakfast”.  I wrote a piece yesterday  on how Fortis might have mitigated or at least not aggravated suffering by having a considered customer experience process that makes allowances for and proactively provisions for the many customer journeys and outcomes that a patient might have in a large hospital.  Not every experience can be happy but at least the sharp edges can become rounded corners with a smidgen of design thinking.  Once you have a strong process, you’re not reliant on an individual, say, making the right call of whether to offer a free ambulance to a grieving family or approach a crowd-funding NGO to help a struggling patient with their bills.  It just happens.

How easy and pleasant it is to interact with an organization makes a huge difference to customer retention.  And it’s important to look at all the touch-points throughout the lifecycle.  If you’d like to learn more about how to delight customers with a well thought-through engagement strategy, do register for a webinar we are co-hosting with Knowlarity and Zendesk on Monday, 27th November at 3pm IST.

So now we come to the whole Spacey thing.  US studios are not waiting for legal proof of guilt to pull the shows of actors and anchors accused of sexual misbehaviour.  They’re doing it immediately because many of their customers want it.  Similar accusations in the past have not met with a similar fate because the customers did not express their feelings as loudly.  In India, however, you see actors accused or even convicted of crime continue to draw large audiences.  That’s because we’re separating the individual from the business.  Do you think that’s ok?  Reply to this newsletter and let me know!  As always, no bots were employed in the creation of this note and I check this email address my own self 🙂

If you’d like to read more about what brands should do to stay relevant in fast changing technology, I can recommend our piece on the topic which has insights from Nikhil Rastogi- Citibank, Shanu Singh- Godrej Interio, Ajay Kaul- Mahindra Holidays and Resorts India Limited among others.

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