Why Did The Marketer Hire An Ophthalmologist?

Do you know your Marketing Models

Do you know your Marketing Models?

Do you know your Marketing Models? Take this quiz and see if you can recognise the marketing models from their display images or terms used....
Brand Name

What’s in a (Brand) Name?

What's in a (Brand) Name? A brand trivia quiz that will keep you guessing about the etymology of everyday brandnames. Let...
Quiz Check in, Check out

Check In, Check Out – A Hotel Brand Quiz

The past can inspire the future. A better knowledge of the business world can trigger cross-industry learnings. Try this hotel brand quiz to learn more about the history of hotel brands.

CX Quiz For Pros: Test Your Customer Experience Knowledge Here!

Only Customer Experience Experts Can Score 100% On This CX Quiz! Are you a CXpert!? So, why don't you take the quiz and see how...

The Great Desi Brand Quiz 2

Desi Brand Quiz 2We are back with our part 2 segment of the desi brand quiz, in this segment we will be quizzing you...

Desi Ads at Cannes – Quiz

Cannes Lions, the festival where the $580 billion media industry goes to do business. This year Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity is taking place...
A Brief History of Marketing Models

Quiz: Top marketing strategy frameworks

Marketing Strategy Frameworks As a follow up to our quiz on 'Do You Know Your Marketing Models' (which, if you missed, you can take NOW) here...
Tellywood Advertising Meets Cinema

Tellywood: Advertising Meets Cinema

Movie stars are influencers for marketing and are very popular as endorsers in advertising. Here's a quiz that will test your knowledge of movie stars, advertising and branding. Packs a big punch in 10 questions. Do you deserve the red carpet?