Throwback Thursday Quiz

Throwback Thursday QuizBlast from the Past. Quiz on 20th Century print ads. Are you ready for it?Image Sourced from: // Babi in this ad...

The Great Desi Brand Quiz 2

Desi Brand Quiz 2We are back with our part 2 segment of the desi brand quiz, in this segment we will be quizzing you...

Why Did The Marketer Hire An Ophthalmologist?


Sports & Endorsements – Desi Brand Quiz

According to the report, sports sponsorship in India saw a 19.33% growth in 2016 to Rs. 6400 crore as opposed to the preceding year...
Why Did The Marketer Change His Religion?

Why Did The Marketer Change His Religion?

Q:Why did the marketer change his religion? Check the awesome Paul Writer "I Love Marketing" cushion here.

The Great Desi Brand Quiz

The Great Desi Brand Quiz Are you a true desi brand expert? Test your Indian brand knowledge with this fun and tricky desi brand quiz!...

CX Quiz For Pros: Test Your Customer Experience Knowledge Here!

Only Customer Experience Experts Can Score 100% On This CX Quiz! Are you a CXpert!? So, why don't you take the quiz and see how...

It’s All In The Name – Brand Quiz

It's All In The NameSee how many old names of the current companies you know. Quiz compiled with the help of CNBC Article.What is...

Pop Quiz: 5 Growth Facts Everyone Should Know

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