Paul Writer

Sales OR Marketing Both, actually

Sales OR Marketing? Both, actually

Most MBA students dream of exciting jobs formulating strategy for some of the world’s leading brands. There are endless stories about the great Marketing...
Sales Results in A Week Data Analytics in Marketing

Sales Results in A Week: Data Analytics in Marketing

Campaign performance - 1.9% response resulted in 779 customers shopping (by way of coupon redemption) - 42% were pure offline customers –they made their first online purchase - Average Transaction Size (ATS) of 4400 ->resulted in net sales of Rs 34+ Lakhs - Campaign cost: Rs 27,000

Dear Sales, Marketing Automation Is for You, Too!

With a name like “marketing automation”, it’s not surprising that sales teams are confused about this type of platform. As a member of the...
6 Things Salespeople Want

6 Things Salespeople Want

Social selling is the context to bring Sales & Marketing together for bigger business results. “Selling through social channels is the closest thing to...

5 Ways Technology has Helped Meet Sales Needs

Have you ever walked out of a store which is offering an end of season discount on premium products because of the unskilled salesman?...

A Look Into The Future Of Selling Online

With recent research from sales management software review site, GetApp revealing that 85 percent of consumers have abandoned a purchase online, something has clearly gone wrong with...
David Munn

There’s More to Thought Leadership than Just Leads

Thought leadership isn't directly about lead generation. Dave Munn of ITSMA will tell you how to bridge the gap and better understand why you should invest in thought leadership.
Reflections on Approaching My Sell-By Date!

Reflections on Approaching My Sell-By Date!

LinkedIn is running a Pulse series where professionals share all the right – and wrong – ways to leave a job. This is a...